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Demagon is the boss of Mana Sanctuary, and the last boss before battling Julius in Mana Temple.


Enemy Stats
HP Icon SDOM.png Power Icon SDOM.png Defense Icon SDOM.png Agility Icon SDOM.png Intellect Icon SDOM.png Mind Icon SDOM.png Experience Icon SDOM.png Lucre icon.png
800 84 65 57 85 55 250 375

Weapon Effectiveness
Sword SDOM.gif Staff SDOM.gif Knuckles SDOM.gif Flail SDOM.gif Sickle SDOM.gif Bow SDOM.gif Lance SDOM.gif Axe SDOM.gif Morning Star SDOM.gif
🞪 🞪 🞪

Elemental Effectiveness
Wisp SDOM.gif Shade SDOM.gif Luna SDOM.gif Salamander SDOM.gif Undine SDOM.gif Dryad SDOM.gif Jinn SDOM.gif Gnome SDOM.gif
🞪 🞪

Attack Effectiveness
A circle (◯) means that the enemy is normally affected by that attack
A triangle (△) means that the enemy is strong against that attack
A bullseye (◎) means that the enemy is weak against that attack
A cross (🞪) means that the enemy is immune against that attack


Demagon's got some rather good attacks, such as its Fiery Breath, which can put you into Fire Man Status, an attack where it throws Yellow Energy Balls and it can also put you into the Stop Status, as well as if you get near it, it will attack you with some slashes. If you are lacking over all strength due to not training, do not go up the roots/branches of the tree here and fight him head on, but instead use Luna or Gnome with the Knuckles here to attack it from afar. If you are going to use Weapons, though, go with whatever is your best one, except the Jab weapons. Anyway, just keep your assault up and heal when needed and you will come out of this alive and kicking.


Popois Notebook SDOM.png Locations Popois Notebook SDOM.png
Mana Sanctuary


  • His Japanese name (Huge Dragon) is the same as the Dragon Lord's final boss form just as Thanatos' boss form the Dark Lich shares the name of the final boss form of the Masked Mage.