“Considered the infernal counterpart to the Divine Fist's loftiness, the Fatal Fist treads ways both feared and forsaken by the world of martial arts, to complete their quest for power at any cost necessary, no matter how far the path to power leads. Taught and encouraged to throw oneself into their own extremes of negativity and wickedness, Fatal Fists twist their heart and mind in this method to empower themselves, drawing upon anything that comprises their faults and worst traits, be it anger, resentment, hatred, vice, elitism, egotism, and the acceptance of the capability to do great wrong and evil, to realize great strength at the cost of their soul. Transformed into demons at the wake of battle and conflict, the class then instantaneously throws themselves into rage and abandon, commanding such wrathful power that shows no mercy no matter how paced the warrior fights, with each blow infused with the willingness to cause pain and suffering, and the intent of the complete merciless destruction of opposition. Though legends tell of such warriors of wicked strength to be the strongest in respect of their unmatched might, the reality remains that such brutality is considered so excessive and cruel to where the martial arts world forbids their ways to ever be tread upon, and to keep word and knowledge of the class's existence stricken silent away as verboten and taboo secrets none should ever come across.”

Seiken Densetsu 3 Official Guide and Prologue Books

Deathhand (デスハンド, Desu Hando?) is a class used by Kevin in Trials of Mana. It is his Dark-Dark class.

Trials of Mana Edit

  • Fan translated Name: Death Hand
  • Name: Fatal Fist

The Death Hand is the Dark-Dark job branch of the Grappler class for Kevin. The Death Hand excels in the highest strength growth out of all of the "master" martial arts classes and the best equipment and techs to mercilessly wipe out all opposition, but at the cost of technical versatility, strategic flexibility, and tactical adaptiveness for its immense power, making them only good at direct physical combat. As such, to reinforce its double edged head on approach and if in want to offset its own mortality risk, players must rely on support classes, item usage, or time their quests to strike at night, when Kevin's Werewolf form is available.

Sword of Mana Edit

Requirements: Monk Type 25 + Random Type 10

  • Death Hand
  • Knucks attack +40

Heroes of Mana Edit

Neck #21 Death Wolf (死狼のくびわ)
HP +110, bonus effects
Cancels sleep, charm, and confusion.
A necklace once worn by a Deathhand.

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