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Dawn of Mana (聖剣伝説4 Seiken Densetsu Fō, lit. "Holy Sword Legend 4") is an action-adventure game developed and published by Square Enix for the PlayStation 2. The game is part of Square Enix's World of Mana compilation that also includes Children of Mana, Heroes of Mana and Friends of Mana, and it is the first entry in the main series since Trials of Mana in 1995. The game has not been released in PAL territories. It is the final Mana game to be developed completely in-house by Square Enix.


Game elements seen in Dawn of Mana are quite different from Mana games of the past. While it can be classified as an action RPG, a more appropriate description is action/adventure due to the lack of RPG elements in the game. Dawn of Mana plays very similarly to Kingdom Hearts in terms of design and style. The main difference lies in the Havok physics engine, which is used for the Mono system.

Mono system[]

Dawn of Mana sports the Mono system, utilizing the Havok physics engine seen in Half-Life 2 that allows the player to greatly interact with their 3D environment. This system is essentially a high degree of environmental interaction offered by the Havok physics engine. With Keldy's whip function, the player can interact with almost any object seen in the surrounding area. The objects are used to Panic enemies, which is necessary as it is the only way to obtain stat boosting medals. Hitting an enemy will result in a counter appearing over their head, which induces Panic status. In this status, enemies are completely defenseless and more damage can be dealt to them. If the counter raises beyond 99, the enemy will be in full Panic and a gold crown replaces the numerical counter. Defeating an enemy in this state yields a greater stat boosting medal.

Other features[]

Dawn of Mana is structured into Chapters, each with five segments except for Chapter 8, which has six. There are 8 Chapters in total and upon the completion of one, the player is graded on their performance. The player may opt to do the Chapter, or segments of a Chapter, again in the Main Menu after beating it. Also, Keldy's stats and equipment are reset to 0 and Level is reset to 1 upon entering a new Chapter. This method of progression is constant in all Chapters.

Features such as using equipment or crafting items are not found in Dawn of Mana. Items are not available for stocking purposes and are used immediately upon grabbing them. The Shop feature seen in other Mana games are limited to non-battle items such as music tracks and movie clips. The only types of tools that Keldy can equip are Ribbons, which enhance Keldy's combat performance. Keldy can gain the use of special arrows blessed by the Mana spirits found in the game. These cannot be carried over upon starting a new Chapter.

Emblems, which are the only equipment that Keldy can use, are gained through various methods. Emblems can be unlocked by meeting grading requirements in the game, bought at the Challenge Arena Shop using the monetary value of Lucre, or beating optional and rare enemies. Ribbon functionality ranges from simple stat boosters to strengthening Keldy's basic abilities. Keldy's basic actions include the ability to roll, guard, run, and jump. Keldy's offensive actions utilize a sword, whip, and slingshot. Keldy can also use magic from the fairy Faye to aid combat through 7 spells.

Dawn of Mana has a Challenge Arena mode. In this mode, the player undergoes up to 32 challenges to defeat a set of enemies within a certain time period. The player can opt to fight alongside Pets, which are obtained through eggs found in the game or bought at the Shop. The recurring air transport of the series, Flammie; is this time not obtained, per se, as there is no world map; however, Flammie is present in the game as the Guardian of Illusia, the central island of the world. Keldric obtains Flammie's help after a certain chapter in the game. Since there is no world map, Flammie's use is drastically reduced.



Dawn of Mana opens on the fictional island of Illusia, a place where the giant Mana Tree lies dormant. Much of the story takes place on Fa'Diel, a continent composed of the five nations of Jadd, Topple, Ishe, Wendell, and Lorimar. According to producer Koichi Ishii, Dawn of Mana is the first game chronologically in the Mana series, showing the origins of both the Mana Tree and the Spirits of Mana. He also stated that the game takes place 10 years before Children of Mana.[1] It should be noted, however, that this statement is somewhat at odds with his stance that all the games take place in their own settings.[2]


Eight Elemental Spirits DOM

At first, there was a spirit conference between all the elemental spirit. One of the spirits, Gnome, was telling a story about the origin of the Mana Tree and the Mana Goddess. He also tells about the treefolk living in the sole village on the sacred island of Illusia.

Prologue - More Than Friends[]

Prologue Title Card DOM

Our story starts with Ritzia trying to catch up with her pet rabite Buju who is wandering around the nearby clearing. Unable to settle him down, Ritzia then ask her friend Keldric to bring him back to her, which he does. After following Buju around the wooded area, Keldric and Ritzia reminisce about a certain spot where Keldric carved his initials with a pocket knife. She then takes the opportunity to remind him to not hurt trees since whenever someone is hurting any living thing, it also ends up hurting itself. There idle moment is rudely interrupted by marching sounds coming from the main road to the village. To their horror, they discover that the Lorimarian army is coming to invade their homeland, and atop a humongous tank lay to sinister individuals. One of them, King Stroud, captured all of the Treefolk and claim the island as their own. Unable to do anything by themselves, Ritzia and Keldric rushed to the Great Tree to awaken the sacred beast that protected Illusia. Unbeknownst to them, the Golem soldiers also went there looking for something undisclosed at the time.

Chapter 1 - A Spirit and a Maiden[]

Chapter 1 Title Card DOM

Keldy and Ritzia try to go for help, by searching the legendary beast whom slumber inside the great tree labyrinth thinking that the Lomarian is trying to kill the legendary beast too. After they reached the labyrinth's stone altar, Ritzia starts informing Keldric that the Mana Tree has kept watching over the world along with the eight spirits. Sadly, the tree has turned into stone, causing the elemental spirits never to be seen again. A bright light coming from the altar's base interrupted the Tree Maiden, piquing the young man's interest. Keldy grabs a shiny object which promptly latches on to its arm by growing multiple roots. Ritzia suggests that they should go see the Village Elder It is revealed to be the great tree's seed that can transform or change into a sword, a whip and a bow-like weapon. Upon leaving the altar room, both seem to hear some voices telling Keldric that he is the chosen one. Piercing into the labyrinth further, Ritzia and Keldy encounter eight orbs of light in a small meadow, which combined to produce Faye, a spirit child, who joins them for the remainder of the game. Along the road, they meet Jinn and Gnome, who grant the little spirit elemental powers. Finally, the party reaches a graveyard deep withing the dungeon, which Ritzia comment on being filled with the sorrow of the dead from long ago. Moments after calling the guardian beast, Keldric is faced with the Grim Mortifer who is here to prevent the Echoes' release. Keldy decides to take on the beast to protect her friend. Defeating the boss in this chapter, Ritzia is suddenly entranced by a mysterious voice, prompting her to touch the great tree's root which envelop the party in light, leaving Ritzia unconscious. The Lomarian golem soldiers then catch up to the party and take her away, while Stroud take the captured Treefolk to the Mana stone altar, among them the Village Elder, Lekius and Keldric. The Lomarian King then asks the Treefolk Elder how to open the sealed door to Mavolia, to Lekius' disbelief. The Elder then explains that opening the door would be consumed by thanatos, effectively plunging the world into everlasting darkness. Seeing that the patriarch keeps its quiet demeanor, Stroud blackmail him by telling him his intention of tormenting Ritzia, which prompts Keldy to attack the Lomarian King with not avail. The Treefolk Elder finally break his silence by saying that the key to the unholy realm lies deep into Wonderwood. Pleased by this precious piece of information, Stroud orders his golems gards to take Treefolk away, at that while the King and the Masked Guru discuss about Keldric's origins and its rooted sword. A while later, Some Golem troop is orderd to search Wonderwood in hopes of finding the legendary item that would revive the Mana Tree. They hold Ritzia hostage as they guide. Hidden and observing the seen from afar, Keldric tells Lekius to go back to the village while he runs trying delievering the Tree Maiden.

Chapter 2 - Lord of the Forest[]

Chapter 2 Title Card DOM

On his way to save Ritzia, Keldric embarks on his journey to Wonderwood. During his trip, he encounters Salamander in the grassy plains surrounding the village who grants his power to Faye. Further down the road, it's Undine's turn to lend a hand to the party. Later, upon entering the forest, Keldy confides to Faye that he's never been to Wonderwood since he's been prevented to go presumabely by the Elder. Moments after, a Chobin Hood named Chobee approach him saying that Treant wants to speak with him and the spirit child. The small creature then proceeds to show the way to the holy being. Upon reaching Treant's lair, they notice Ritzia listening to him speaking about the Echoes of Destruction, which are, according to the sentient tree, reverberations from the darkest corners of the human heart. Treant adds by noticing the party that, a thousand years ago, a young lady opened the door to Mavolia and that others are trying to open it again. He confidently says that as long as he lives, he is able to contain the evil power within, the door will never be opened. Immediately after uttering those words, the swords inside Treant reacts to the echoes touched by Ritzia, corrupting him and turning him into Grim Treant. After taking the tree maiden to safety, Keldy engage the evil entity into combat, effectively quelling the curse by ejecting the Mana Sword from its body. In desperation, the dying Treant plead Ritzia to go to Mortmont to encounter the Guardian Beast and seek his help. The party is interrupted by the Masked Guru dismounting a Wyvern, moments before Treant vanishing from existence. The sinister man takes the Mana Sword while disclosing his intent to capture Ritzia and Keldric. The tree maiden urges our hero to escape before its too late and Keldy unwillingly accepts by running to the forest, utimately chased by the Masked Guru's steed. Meanwhile, the disturbing news of the newly found sword has spread outside Illusia. Each country's leader hastily gathered at the palace of Topple : Lady Lusa Luca of Topple, the Kingdom on the Lake, Brother Morty of Jadd, the Desert Commonwealth, Millionaire the Niccolo of Wendel, the Kingdom in the Woods and from Ishe, the Land of Fire, Watts. The four leaders where unfortunately unable to send their army against the terrible might of Lorimar, and couldn't agree on what to do next.

Chapter 3 - The Guardian and Gaia[]

Chapter 3 Title Card DOM

After being separated again from Ritzia and being told to go to Mortmont by Treant, Keldric arrives at the foot of the mountain, home of numerous mines formely used by the location population, and now inhabited primarily by goblins. The duo encounters Lumina faily early in their exploration which allows Faye to cast light elemental magic onto Keldy. Alas, the Lorimian army is already scouring the area and will make anything in their power to hinder our hero's progress. Later, upon exploring the mines, they meet Dryad who, just like the rest of the elemental join the party by letting the spirit child use some of her magic. Further down the road, after going up multple stories wtih a rudimentary elevator, the duo is welcomed by Shade in a small grotto who does the same as his comrades. Finally, they meet Luna, the final elemental spirit during their ascent in a lush glowing forest. Upon reaching the top of Mortmont, Keldric decide to lay low and rest for a while since nobody seems to inhabit the area. A giant rockslide suddenly breaks the silence and a rocky visage froms in front of our hero. This is revealed to be Gaia, the face of earth. He tells the party that he has been waiting for them and that he is also aware of the Thanatos that felled Treant. The then proceeds to explain to Keldric that Thanatos are spirits born from the Echoes that slumber deep below the Mana Tree. They have the potential to flood the world with darkness if unhindered. But if the light pierces them through prayers, the Great Tree will herald a new age. He then converse directly to Faye by telling her that she brings humans and spirits together, but there will come a day that she wants to make her own decisions. Keldric now asks about the Guardian Beast, from which Gaia tells of an injured Flammie coming to him for shelter a millenium ago. However, their conversation is cut short with the fearsome Wyvern that the Masked Guru asked to follow the party back in Wonderwood. Assisted by Gaia, Keldric fights the dragon which is eventually slained. From a short distance, the Imperial Flagship and its fleet, under the orders of King Stroud, opens fire at Gaia and the party, knocking Faye unconsicous far from Keldy. The commotion makes the guardian beast Flammie sprouting from the ground near Gaia, soaring in the sky with Keldric firmly holded in its paws. Faye is revealed to be safe and sound in the white dragon's mouth. From the heavens, Keldric keep hearing Gaia's words that he and Faye are the world's only hope. Flammie takes on a more aggressive approach against the Lorimar army and trashes the golems, making them retreat out of Illusia. Keldric, Faye and the Guardian Beast are greated with fanfare by the Treefolk in their village. Sadly, Keldy hasn't had time to rejoice as he heads to the nearby coast to rescue Ritzia once again.

Chapter 4 - Ritzia[]

Chapter 4 Title Card DOM

Keldric believes that Ritzia's wereabout is close since the army's landing site is the coast up ahead. The duo is frequently stopped by neighboring Golem patrols watching over the area. They successfuly pass over the land cavalry and hop aboard the Imperial Flagship by swimming. While search the lower quarters, they are spotted by the Masked Guru who takes the opportunity by trying to convince Keldric to lend the army a hand by opening up the door to Mavolia with his sword, releasing the Echoes of destruction, just like a thousand year ago. He then proceeds to tell Keldric that Anise, a tree maiden was possessed by the Echoes and opened the door to Mavolia. However, she and a certain man resealed the door shut. But now, the door will remain open thanks to Ritzia. Keldric screams at the man telling him that she would never do that. The Masked Guru then replies to go hear it from her mouth since she's in the hold near the engine room. The mysterious man calmy wanders off while Keldric and Faye quickly proceed to their next destination. Arriving at the hold, they discover an unresponsive Ritzia which Faye comments on how strange she looks. While our hero breaks her chains with his sword, the tree maiden is seen uttering crypting phrases pertaining to voices in her head telling her about Mavolia and Anise's past. With the trio reunited, they head to the ship's main deck in order to head back to shore before the vessel leaves coast. As they are about to reach their destination, they are stopped by Stroud and his henchmen. Eager to test his newly acquired sword, the King of Lorimar then challenges Keldy in a duel. After a difficult fight, our hero is proven briefly successful at twarting the villain, but the latter gets up and tells Keldy that tomorrow on sunset his army will lead an all-out assault on his village that even Flammie couldn't sustain. He gives the hero two choices : either support the Lorimar army in their efforts to access Mavolia or die this instant. Stroud then lunges toward Keldric but is knocked back by his power, making a mark similar to Stround's appear on his left cheek. One of the troop's golem fires up cannons aimed at Keldy, making him blast off the ship and into the sea. This explosion has the side effect of getting some sense out of Ritzia who watches now in terror as her friend is sinking into the ocean, presumably drowning. Stround then orders his men to fire another salvo since he still sees light coming through Keldy's body. Ritzia plead for mercy but is stopped by some golem. In her last stand, Faye summonds a protective barrier around Keldy but is injured by the nuke. Some time later, Keltric is found stranded on a beach with an unconscious spirit child at his side. The hero readily makes the sprite better by calling out her name, then thanks her for saving him. At the same time, loud rumbling sounds can be heard at the distance, which indicates to Keldric that the Army has started the destruction of his village. True to his words, the Lorimarian King ordered a massive assault on the peaceful Treefolk village by summoning countless golem troops and beasts. The village's defenses are easily pierced by the Army, but Flammie tries to counterattack by firing out larges beams of light from its mouth. Lekius is seen defending his peers by shooting arrows at the enemy. Unfortunately, both Flammie and Lekius are hit by unexpected retaliation and are forced to retreat for the former, and surrender for the latter. The dire situation takes a sudden shift for the better as Watts appear in his mechanical contraption holding back the Lorimarian troops. Sadly, even this attempt is night, as the Treefolk and their allies are revealed severely outnumbered. Some of the Treefolk are captured and sent to the Mana stone altar deep inside the Great Tree, where Ritzia tell them to stop resisting as Stroud interjects by telling everyone that opening the door to Mavolia will rejuvenate the Mana Tree, though it would deny all living things the capacity to die. The Village Elder warns Ritzia that their ancestors said that only darkness lies beyond this point. Undeterred, the tree maiden retort that light can never exist apart from darkness to which the Elder cave in, much to the indignation of Lekius. The Treefolk guard then asks Ritzia what would Keldric say about this. The tree maiden sadly replies that the hero is dead, before walking toward the Mana stone altar, reciting an incantation. This produces havoc in the room, as purple bolts of light surround the Maiden and the rest of the Treefolk. In that instant, the Mana Tree awakes from its thousand years-old slumber and engulf the wold in a gentle light, moments before releasing the Echoes trapped into it, sprouting an ominous castle from its roots. Back to the summoning room, the power of Thanatos released from the altar transforms the Treefolk into Grimslies and morph with Stroud by making him Mavole. Keldric and Faye finally reach the altar and confront the newly powered Stroud by asking him Ritzia's wereabouts. Both Keldy and Stround then spar blades, but the former is ultimately overwhelmed by the latter's immense energy. Faye is injured by Stroud's sword by trying to protect the hero, and they are suddently rescued and taken to safety by Watt's vehicle. Leaving to go after them, the Masked Guru takes Stroud's place to welcome Anise from its long slumber. Some time later, Keldric is seen tending after Faye's recovery atop Watt's engine in the middle of the ocean. Faye then emits a bright light that changes he appearance, revealing more of her face and hair.

Chapter 5 - Of Deserts and Friends[]

Chapter 5 Title Card DOM

It has been a whole year since Ritzia opened that portal to Mavolia, making the wold overrun by thanatos and making its inhabitants turn into mindless grimslies. Keldric and Watts headed out to the continent of Ische for the remaining survivor of the tragedy in hopes of building a resistance and ultimately counterattack. People from all over the world have fled their now corroded homeland and sought asilum within Jadd Palace's walls. Keldric vows to protect people from being harmed by the growing presence of the grimslies and thanatos and sets out to deliver the palace from the evil entity. He even tells Faye that once thanatos has been eradicated from Jadd, then both he and Faye would return to Illusia in hopes that people help in rebuilding it the way it was before. The spirit child is still puzzled as she ask the hero how returning to Illusia would help close the doo to Mavolia in the first place. Keldy then tells her that he has to go see Ritzia and ask her why she opened the portal. As she is about to move on, Faye has a vision of Treant and Gaia telling her that soon the world will be engulfed in darkness and warn her that she might turn into a grimslie herself. She then says that she wants to continue to be at Keldric's side and follow her heart. Gaia and Treant then praise her dedication and add that they will always be on her side, even when all hope is lost. Faye is then brought back to reality by Keldric and they continue their journey deeper into the palace. Deeper inside, Keldric succesfully rescue townsfolk by destroying thanatos generators that have sprouted in various places. The duo finally reach the hanging gardens, where an old friend of Keldy awaits. The now mutated Lekius confronts Kedric by inciting him to join the ranks of the grimslies, citing that he would never get sick or hungry and that and everlasting peace would reign upon the world. Seeing that Keldy is still reluctant to turn himslef to thanatos, Grim Lekius engage him into a fight. After a long and arduous battle, Keldric stands strong will Lekius is lying painfully on the ground. He then tels Keldy that in three days Ritzia will free the Echoes of destruction upon the world since they are still not freed from the Great Tree, before vanishing, leaving a grieving Keldric behind. Voices from Treant and Gaia resound from the hero's mind, telling him to not abandon hope just yet and continue marching forward. Later, Keldy reunites with Watts in Jadd and tells him his plan to land at Illusia ahead of the army. Watts confides in Keldric that there is a certain device atop a tower nearby that can crib the powers of Thanatos, which could help in retaking the island back. Keldy agrees to activate the device, then give a signal to Watts and the resistance to make their landing successful. While nagivating through the great sea in direction of the Tower, a great storm was brewing making the hero's vessel crash into the landing site, throwing Keldy ashore unconscious. He thens have a nightmare of Ritzia surrounded by Grim Rabites, inviting him to join her, saying that he cannot escape destiny and he should be the true dark lord, not Stroud. Together, the Tree Maiden, Keldric and Faye would rule the world. Keldric storms off frighted by her friend's speech.

Chapter 6 - A Fool and a Sword[]

Chapter 6 Title Card DOM

Keldric now sets out to ascend the tower and activate the device that could weaken the Lorimarian army and make the resistance a bigger threat overall. After a long winding race to the summit, Keldy and Faye successfully activate the tower's mechanism to shine a bright light over their head. Just as they set out to give the signal to Watts, a familiar voice tell them to wait a moment. It is revealed that the Masked Guru was spying over them and that he doubts that the hero succeed in accomplishing all of his tasks. He then confides in the duo that he is neither human nor grimslie, and that he maintain the wisdom of a millenium and that his soul wields the spririt's power. He then engages Keldric in battle. After being defeated, eight orbs of light reunite with the Masked Guru's laying body, effectively reviving him. Keldy tries to give him a coup de grace but inadvertently causes a chain reaction upon touching the mysterious man's body, making his sword shine intensely. The hero then ask the villain more about his identity, which the latter retort that he's awoken from a thousand years' sleep when Keldy arrived on Illusia Isle. The Masked Guru reveals himself to be Anise's lover and the man who sealed her away a thousand years prior for her salvation. By doing this, he gave birth to a sacred sword; the weapon Stroud is wielding at this moment. But together with Anise, the sword was consumed by the Echoes and corrupted. The sword that is attached to Keldric's right arm could be considered as a new Mana Sword, but an element that the older sword lacks is present now. The man then entrust Keldric to go back to Stround, revealing at the same time that he is Keldy's brother, before disappearing into thin air. In disbelief, Keldric repeats the Masked Guru's last words before being interrupted by Faye to look at the horizon. The light ignited by Keldy has weaked Thanatos, and the resistance could now land on the shores of Illusia, beginning the battle to reconquer the Isle taken from the Lorimian Army.

Chapter 7 - Warriors of Hope[]

Chapter 7 Title Card DOM

Keldric and Faye arrive on the road to their former village minutes before Watts' army joins them in the battle. Along the path to the Mana Tree, Keldric helps Watts's Mark II tank to navigate the rough terrain by eliminating the enemy barricades and heavy artillery that could easily stun the vehicle and manage to infiltrate the caves below the Tree. Watts and Keldric part ways upon reaching the village's main gate as Watts would stall outside enemies during Keldy's breakout. The Hero is swiftly greeted by Grim Golem Generalissimo who confronts him inside his enormous tank. Keldy manage to damage the machine enough to make it unstable. The Generalissimo then retreats to the cave's entrance and makes his last move to impede the hero by act as a suicide bomber to make an explosion that causes a rocksilde, effecitvely blocking the opening. Although all seems more dreary for Keldy, Flammie appears fortunately aboee him and accepts giving a ride to Keldric straight at the Castle's entrance. The Sacred Beast effortlessly dodges the enemy's attacks and dashes through them, dropping Keldy at the front of the ominous building.

Chapter 8 - The Great Tree[]

Chapter 8 Title Card DOM

They confront Stroud, who has been mutated by the energy of Mavolia. After he is defeated, Keldy and Faye learn that the only way to seal the door is to kill Ritzia, who has also been mutated. After an epic battle with Ritzia, she is killed, the door is sealed, and Illusia is restored.


Dawn of Mana was announced as part of the World of Mana project by Square Enix in September of 2005. It was unveiled as the first true sequel for the series in a number of years, bearing the Japanese title Seiken Densetsu 4, and was also shown to be the first title in 3D. Although the game's use of the Havoc physics engine was an early tidbit, it was only later revealed that Dawn of Mana was in development for the PlayStation 2.

Dawn of Mana was directed and produced by Koichi Ishii. The main objective of the development team was to convert the entire Mana world into a 3D environment, rather than just starting from scratch graphically and adding new elements to the gameplay. After previously encountering the Havok engine at E3, Ishii wanted to utilize the system to give players a visual link between environments, objects, and characters.


The game's score Seiken Densetsu 4 Original Soundtrack: Sanctuary was released on January 24, 2007. A large portion was composed by long-time series composer Kenji Ito. The game's boss themes were composed by Tsuyoshi Sekito, while some of the other battle music was contributed by Masayoshi Soken. In addition, a number of the songs used are remixed versions of songs from previous games, including pieces from composer Hiroki Kikuta. Finally, Ryūichi Sakamoto composed and arranged the main theme of the game. It was released as a 105-track set on 4 discs. One of the pieces, "Rising Sun," which has been a part of the series' music since the first installment, can be listened on the official North American website of the game.

A 5-song promotional disc titled Seiken Densetsu 4: Breath of Mana was released alongside the game. The songs "Breath of Mana," "Unforgotten Memories," and "Rising Sun (piano ver.)" were exclusive to this disc and were not included on game's official soundtrack.


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