Dark Saber is a recurring spell in the Mana series.

Heroes of Mana Edit

Trials of Mana Edit

Dark SaberDark Saber is a dark-elemental spell in Trials of Mana.

Description Edit

It uses the power of the spirit Shade to give an ally a dark attribute to their physical attacks. Best on Light elemental enemies

It costs 2 MP in the SNES version and 7 MP in the 2020 remake.

Acquisition Edit

Character Class Requirement Minimum Stat Single or Multi-Target
Duran Duelist 13 Spirit Points (SNES version) Single
Charlotte Necromancer 13 Spirit Points (SNES version) Single

Item equivalence Edit

Item Power Available at Cost Single or Multi-Target
Demon Claw2 TOMDemon Claw - Night Market 200 (2020 Remake) Single
Duelist Tag2 TOMDuelist Tag - Plant ??? Seed - Multi
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