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The Dark Majesty (黒の貴公子, kuro no kikōshi?) (Dark Prince in the fan translation) is one of the three main villains from Trials of Mana, along with the Masked Mage and the Dragon Lord. He serves as the main villain and final boss in Hawk and Riesz's storylines. He has the same goal as the other two main villains: steal the power of the Sword of Mana, release the eight Benevodons, and take their powers as well to become a god. His intent afterwards is to merge the world with Mavolia (the Underworld) and rule over it, forcing humanity to worship the Mavole.


"Feared by all and loved by none, the boy grew up in the dark of the dungeon. He knew nothing but evil and despair. The ruler of Mavolia saw this corrupted boy and named him his successor. Granted Mavolian powers, the boy became the Dark Majesty and destroyed his country as foretold. Light Castle became Dark Castle, a fitting place for the creatures of Mavolia to live. His Dark Majesty's heart has been shuttered closed for eternity. All I wanted... was to open his heart just a little."
—Belladonna, explaining the Dark Majesty's past

Dark Majesty's sprite

The Dark Majesty was once a human that was the heir and prince of the Castle of Light. Due to a prophecy, he was imprisoned, hated and feared by his subjects. The king of Mavolia discovered this tainted boy and named him his heir, granting him dark powers in the process. The Dark Majesty used his new powers to destroy his country as foretold and corrupted the Light Castle, turning it into the Dark Castle and filling it with demons and monsters. He later slew the king of Mavolia and took his position for himself.

After Zable Fahr escaped and then proceeded to destroy many nations - as well as plunge the world into a state of chaos for several centuries - he drew the Mana Stone of Darkness and Zable Fahr itself to Mavolia.

Trials of Mana[]

Dark Majesty (Remake).jpg

"So impatient! She wished for death so badly she tried to go against me alone. Are you ready to admit that you have no chance against me? You should gracefully give up this fight. The world will be consumed by Mavolia and the new evil order will be ruled by me. There is no place for you here! Shall we end this? Now that I have godlike powers, I will shed this old, broken body and inhabit the prince of Laurent instead! I will simply wear his body and cast my previous one with all its horrible memories aside! You will only see my true form for a moment before you perish!"
—The Dark Majesty as he prepares to transform.

The Dark Majesty desired to gain the power of the Benevodons to become a god and merge the Mavolia with Fa'Diel. For the plan to work, however, he needed to force the mana stone of darkness back into Fa'Diel. He was aware that channeling the amount of power needed to do that would kill him, so he also ordered his servants to find a human vessel for him to take over afterwards.

Two of the Dark Majesty's minions, a shape-shifting creature called Belladonna and vampire-like entity named Malocchio, launched attacks on the Mana Stones under the guise Nevarl attempting to take over Laurent. When Laurent was taken, the Dark Majesty learned of Elliot and had Malocchio acquire him because he saw the young prince as his opposite and thought it made him the perfect vessel.

Over time, because of attacks that were also made by the minions of the Dragon Lord and the Masked Mage, all of the Mana Stones were broken. At this point, the heroes had gathered the spirits of each element and attempted to use them to open a portal to the Mana Holyland right when Dark Majesty uses up the power keeping his broken body alive to summon the Dark Mana Stone to Fa'Diel from Mavolia. They prove unsuccessful, but because of the energy released by the Mana Stones, the portal still opens.

Belladonna and Malocchio then went to the Mana Holyland in a silly looking airship. The events that happen next depend on whose the main character:

  • If Duran or Angela is the main character, the Dark Majesty's remains needed for him to resurrect are destroyed by the Dragon Lord.
  • If Kevin or Charlotte is the main character, the Dark Majesty's remains needed for him to resurrect are destroyed by the Masked Mage.
  • If Hawk or Riesz is the main character, then Belladonna and Malocchio kill the Dragon Lord and the Masked Mage, then after Hawk or Riesz gains the Sword of Mana, the two demons kidnap Faerie and trade her for the sword, then they release the God Beasts.

Off-screen, the Sword of Mana is used to allow the Dark Majesty to reanimate his broken body in Fa'Diel, who watches the events unfold from his base, the Dark Castle.

After the God Beasts are killed, the heroes break into the Dark Castle, kill Malocchio and Belladonna, and meet the Dark Majesty. He absorbs the Sword of Mana and the power of the God Beasts, and offers the heroes a chance to serve him, which they predictably decline with Riesz demanding her brother back with him refusing to give up the unconscious child.

The Dark Majesty prepares to kill them, but finds that the Goddess is restraining his power, and so he goes to the Mana Holyland to destroy the Tree of Mana to kill the Goddess. The heroes follow him, but he gets to the tree first and destroys it. Faerie attacks him, but he swats her away easily, and then prepares to possess Elliot's body by first casting off his old mortal one and revealing his true form. He devastates the party and gloats about his imminent victory.

The Archdemon First and Second Forms

Faerie heals the party, however, and states that they are the true Sword of Mana, as the true Sword of Mana is the hope they carry in their hearts. The Dark Majesty dismisses this speech and engages the party in combat. After a long battle, the Dark Majesty is destroyed, in shock at his loss.

Upon returning to the Sanctuary, the heroes learn that Faerie was able to rescue Elliot during the fight (if Riesz is in the party) and they watch her transform into the new Goddess of Mana. She explains that her kind are like seeds of the Mana Tree, and she will now take on the responsibility of regrowing the tree and restoring Mana to the world. But until that happens, the people of the world will have to learn to do without.


"Ridiculous! You think your illusion of hope can stand up against a newly realized god? Think again!"
—The Dark Majesty before the final battle.

The Dark Majesty only fights in the game using the power gained from the Sword of Mana and the God Beasts in his Archdemon form. He uses high level elemental spell for a variety of elements, as well as some of the desperation attacks of the God Beasts. The ones he uses mostly have state lower effects on the targets. He switches elemental strengths and vulnerabilities throughout the battle, though non-elemental spells always have the same effect on him.

First form in the remake

After taking enough damage, the Archdemon transforms into a second, more menacing form. This one doesn't use nearly as much magic as before; the spells he uses during this phase are a time Power Up and Defense Up. For the rest of the fight he relies on attacks of the God-Beasts he used during his first form, but two are replaced with his only unique moves, his attack-lowering Demon Scream, and his most powerful attack, Catastrophe.

He is an extremely strong enemy and is viewed by most fans as the most difficult of the three final bosses in Trials of Mana.


Magic - Part One[]

Second form in the remake

Earthquake - Level 2 Earth-based magic

Stone Cloud - Level 3 Earth-based magic

Dark Force - Level 2 Shadow-based magic

Dark Curse - lowers all stats of target

Annihilate - Instantly kills one target if lower level than caster

Change Form - Pygmizes (shrinks) entire party

Half Eclipse - Halves target's current HP

Stun Gust - Level 3 Wind-based magic, causes Silence

Thunderstorm - Level 2 Wind-based magic

Spike Freeze - Level 2 Water-based magic

Cold Blaze - Level 3 Water-based magic, turns target into Snowman

Explode - Level 2 Fire-based magic

Blaze Wall - Level 3 Fire-based magic

Special Attacks - Part One[]

Hyper Cannon (Earth) - hits party for heavy magical damage, lowers hit and evade rates

Southern Slice (Dark) - hits party for heavy magical damage

Moon Spiral (Moon) - lowers Maximum HP of party

Air Rush (Wind) - Powerful Wind-based spell, lowers defense of party

Ice Cradle (Water) - Powerful Water-based spell, lowers attack power of party

Gigaburn (Fire) - Powerful Fire-based spell, lowers magic effectiveness/resistance of party

Magic - Part Two[]

Strengthen - raises target's attack power

Protection - raises target's defense power

Dark Curse - lowers all stats of target

Special Attacks - Part Two[]

Air Rush - Powerful wind-based spell, lowers defense of party

Gigaburn - Powerful Fire-based spell, lowers magic effectiveness/resistance of party

Hyper Cannon - hits party for heavy magical damage

Demon Scream - hits one target for small magical damage, lowers target's attack power

Fetid Breath - hits party for moderate Shadow-based damage, lowers party's magic effectiveness/resistance

Southern Slice - hits party for heavy magical damage

Catastrophe - Archdemon's strongest attack, hits party for massive magical damage


"Are you in pain? You have become weaker without the Tree of Mana. Faeries are born to protect the tree and perish without their purpose, I see. This is the end of the Goddess of Mana's reign! Mavolia will rule this world with me as its supreme god! Wa ha ha ha!"
—The Dark Majesty after having destroyed the Mana Tree.
"Yes! This is what the ruler of Mavolia, the human realm, and the Sanctuary of Mana looks like! Hah! I can feel the power within me! I will obliterate you myself!"
—The Dark Majesty after assuming his true form.
"You think you're clever, but without the Sword of Mana, you cannot win! It is hopeless! You are finished!"
—The Dark Majesty as the heroes prepare to face off against him one last time after Faerie heals them.

Circle of Mana[]

Rank Image Classes Quote
SUR SUR 0873.jpg SUR 0874.jpg SUR 0875.jpg SUR 0876.jpg 呪われた王子
SUR SUR 1085.jpg SUR 1086.jpg SUR 1087.jpg SUR 1088.jpg 呪われた王子
SSUR SSUR 0161.jpg SSUR 0162.jpg SSUR 0163.jpg SSUR 0164.jpg 呪われた王子
SSUR SSUR 0373.jpg SSUR 0374.jpg SSUR 0375.jpg SSUR 0376.jpg 呪われた王子
SSUR SSUR 0433.jpg SSUR 0434.jpg SSUR 0435.jpg SSUR 0436.jpg 呪われた王子
SSUR SSUR 0641.jpg SSUR 0642.jpg SSUR 0643.jpg SSUR 0644.jpg 陸サーファー


  • Although Belladonna is strongly implied to have romantic feelings for the Dark Majesty, he doesn't care about her and when he finds that she was killed, he dismisses her as a "worthless pawn."
  • Unlike the other villains, the Dark Majesty is met after the game's penultimate boss fight, as opposed to before.
  • His Japanese name actually means Dark Lord, though since he is referred to as the heir of his kingdom it was assumed by the fan translation that he was a prince and not an ascendant king.
  • Dark Majesty bears some similarities to Dawn of Mana villain Stroud, and Final Fantasy Adventure/Sword of Mana/Adventures of Mana villain Dark Lord. However they are distinct characters from him due the anthology nature of the series.
  • His true form in the 3D remake appears to have tree-like elements incorporated into its design. Whether these are naturally part of his true form, or a side-effect of him having absorbed the Sword of Mana is unclear.

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