Dark Lich

Dark Lich (2D)

The Dark Lich is Thanatos' "true" form and the second-to-last boss in Secret of Mana. He is the spirit of an ancient sorcerer, who sold his soul to Mavolia in exchange for power and immortality. He needs to incarnate himself into mortal vessels to sustain himself, but his evil might is too much for normal vessels to bear.

He is based on the recurring Lich enemy om the series. Whether or not this Dark Lich is related to similar beings in Seiken Densetsu 3 and Dawn of Mana has not been established, even as the three share similar traits; for instance, they depend on a host to survive.

Boss dataEdit


  • Location: Mana Fortress
  • HP: 6666/6667 (PAL versions)
  • MP: 99
  • EXP: None
  • GP: None
  • Weakness: Lumina
  • Weapon Orb: None, however, allows access to Mana Magic


Dark Lich (remake)

The Dark Lich in the remake

Characters should be at least level 70 or higher. Lumina, Dryad and Undine should be level 8, if nothing else. He has a variety of attacks as well as a heap load of spells to throw at you. He can cause the frozen, blazing, poison, petrified, unconscious, confuse, shrunk and Moogle status effects, so cure often.

When Dark Lich's full body is out, you can attack him physically in the chest - when only his hands and head phase out of the ground, look out for his Hand Crush move, that knocks out a character at contact and can kill them in few seconds. He uses Dark Force, Evil Gate, Thunderbolt, Freeze, Energy Absorb and Earth Slide at level 8, and casts them often, so beware. Dark Force would be his most dangerous spell due to doing the most damage.

Popoi can use any elemental spell he wants (except for Shade), Purim's Lucent Beam spell is your primary choice of weapon here. Have her repeatedly cast Lucent Beam (along with Popoi's Burst spell, if you want) to cause major damage. Randi should use full level 8 power attacks on the boss. Keep attacking and eventually you will defeat him without major trouble. Do not attack him with Shadow, lest you heal him. If he uses Hand Crush, he becomes immune to weapons, but can be harmed by spells when his head pops out. (In the remake, Hand Crush is far less lethal, and you can strike with weapons when his head pops out.)

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