Dangaard is the Benevodon of Wind. It appears as a boss in Trials of Mana and takes the form of a two-headed dragon. Though it is assumed to be sentient, Dangaard doesn't display any personality aside from a desire or instinct for destruction.


Dangaard was described as being an "incarnation of disaster" that existed before the world had been fully born. It reigned destruction on existence until the Goddess of Mana defeated it with the Sword of Mana and sealed it away inside the Mana Stone of Wind.


When the villains in Trials of Mana obtain the Sword of Mana, they release the Benevodons from the Mana Stones. Once released, Dangaard remains near the former location of the Wind Mana Stone in the Gusthall in order to build its strength in preparation for wreaking havoc across the land. As a result, the Benevodon becomes stronger depending on how many of its brethren the heroes have defeated before they challenge it.


Once the heroes reach the end of the Gusthall, they find that Dangaard seems to be missing. However, one of the characters notices that the Benevodon is flying high up in the sky; in order to reach it, the heroes summon Flammie with the Flammie Drum.

The entire battle takes place in the sky; the heroes stand on Flammie as Dangaard flies around her and attacks. At set points in the battle, the combatants will fly through a thick patch of clouds, obscuring the fight; each time this happens, the view shifts from top-down to side-on. Though this does not change the way the heroes must attack Dangaard, it will reset the heroes' statuses, eliminating the effects of spells such as Diamond Saber.

As a Wind-elemental creature, Dangaard is weak to Earth-based attacks and magic. It is also healed by Wind-based attacks and magic.


Attack -

Flying Wing

Roar (two)

Magic -

Air Blast (one/all) - Level 1 Wind spell

Thunderstorm - Level 2 Wind Spell

Speed Up - Raises hit & evade; casts on self at 1/4 HP

Special Attacks -

Air Slasher (all)

Thunderball (all)


Dangaard reappears in Children of Mana. It had fused with Xan Bie to form Xangar.

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