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The Crystal Desert (Glass Desert in the fan translation) is one of the final areas of Trials of Mana and can only be reached via the use of Flammie. It is only explorable if the main protagonist is Duran or Angela; other main protagonists land in an enclosed room and will be unable to advance. This is one of the places where the heroes can fight Zable Fahr, the Benevodon of Darkness. The Crystal Desert eventually leads into Duran and Angela's final dungeon, Dragonsmaw.


2D Version[]

2020 Version[]

Chapter VI[]

Treasures & Items[]

2020 Remake[]

Treasure Location Availability Notes
Cup of Wishes (3) Crystal Desert I - On the right path on a branching path close to the starting area. Chapter VI -
Gold Item Seed (1) Crystal Desert I - Behind one of the two rounded crystal walls housing a downward slope. Chapter VI -
3400 lucre Crystal Desert I - On an elevated ground next to a winding path. Chapter VI -
Zable Fahr's Ring (1) Crystal Desert I - On an elevated ground next to shifting sand and reached by ascending stairs. Chapter VI -
Faerie Walnut (3) Crystal Desert III - In a small grotto near a Mana statue in the northern part of the map. Chapter VI -
Honey Elixir (3) Crystal Desert V - On an elevated platform behinf a rock near the Mana statue. Chapter VI -

Li'l Cactus[]

  • Crystal Desert II (southwest grotto), in southwest corner.
  • Crystal Desert I, in an alcove southeast of the central overpass; travel east after exiting area II, then take the southeast fork in the path leading due east.


  • Crystal Deserts have been used in other works of Fiction(most famously in Guild Wars) with the earliest being My Little Pony N Friends with the Mana Franchise using it one decade after in the form of the Glass Desert from Final Fantasy Adventure.
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