Koren, the Wizard of the Crimson Lotus is a young and extremely powerful wizard who serves as a major antagonist in the game Seiken Densetsu 3. He is the right-hand man of the Dragon Emperor, one of the three available final bosses. It must be noted that in the original Japanese game, the wizard is only referred to by his title: Koren no Madoshi, or Guren no Madoshi, depending on the pronunciation. The game's unofficial translation kept Koren as his name and translated his title at the same time.

If the player chose Duran or Angela as the main character, the Dragon Emperor will be the primary antagonist and Koren will be the second-to-last boss. If Kevin or Carlie are selected as the main character, the penultimate boss will be Heath, the Fallen Cleric. If Hawkeye or Lise (Riesz) are selected, then it will be Bigieu, the Shapeshifting Demoness.


"I just wanted... to use magic... that's all. (sob) That old man Jose... he never could understand... so I ran away... The Dragon Emperor's spirit told me that I'd be the most powerful wizard that ever lived... All he wanted... You know what he wanted in return? All he wanted was a piece of my soul!! Just a piece! How could I have turned him down? But look what I've become, without that piece... I'm a failure... I don't even deserve to live."
—Koren (after his defeat)
Koren (game sprite)

Koren as seen in the games

Koren was born in Altena, the country of magic, solely populated by witches and wizards. For unexplained reasons, he was unable to perform magic during most of his life, and as such he was deemed "useless with magic" and treated with scorn by almost anyone; including Jose, the master of the magic teachers, who lost patience more than once. He ultimately ran away, no longer being able to stand this situation. Some time later, he met the spirit of the evil Dragon Emperor; who was defeated several years before the start of the game by the Knight of Gold Loki. The Dragon Emperor tempted Koren, offering to make him the most powerful wizard in the world, in exchange for a part of his soul. Koren accepted and became incredibly powerful. Yet, as he shared his soul with the Dragon Emperor, Koren began to share his malevolence and ambition, and was corrupted by Evil.

The game never explains whether Koren was truly "useless with magic," getting all his incredible power from the Dragon Emperor; or simply unable to use his power for some reason or another, with the Dragon Emperor merely unlocking it. The latter seems more likely, given that Angela who was also unable to cast magic, got her power unlocked by a great shock. Koren also uses magic when freed of the Dragon Emperor's evil influence. Koren's power is estimated to be on par with that of the Queen of Altena (the country's mightiest witch), and is certainly even higher as he could magically control the queen like a puppet. This, and the Dragon Emperor's crippled state when he met Koren can be regarded as another proof, as he could hardly have given such power to someone who didn't have any without losing a huge deal of his own, but no one can know for sure.

Now the Dragon Emperor's right-hand-man, Koren came back to Altena. With his newfound power, he quickly rose in rank, becoming the highest-ranking general of the Altenian army and the personal advisor of the Altenian ruler: Valda, the Queen of Reason. Koren was nicknamed the Wizard of the Crimson Lotus and his reputation grew to the point of being spread all around the world of Mana. Koren brainwashed Valda and used her to rule Altena. He had Altena declare war to the other nations, with the ultimate goal of seizing the eight Mana Stones, in which the Benevodons had been sealed millennia ago.

About Koren himselfEdit

Koren sketch

In terms of power, Koren is on an equal footing with Heath and Bigieu (despite Bigieu being on a higher level), though given that magic is his only weapon, he is much more proficient in its use that the other two, being seen casting no less than fourteen different attack spells during the course of the game. (This makes him the human character with the highest number of attack spells of the entire game.) Moreover, Koren masters six elements on the eight available with the same proficiency. (One must note that the two elements he does not master lack attack spells.) All this makes enough indication about the Wizard of the Crimson Lotus' tremendous magical might; in spite of him being only seen performing "classical" magical feats such as teleportation, magical movements, sight and talk where he is not physically present and mind-control, aside from fighting.

Personality wise, little is ever known about Koren's true persona, but it is heavily implied that he deeply suffered both from his inability to cast spells and the contempt he endured. Given the shame and regret he displays at the end, and his farewell to the protagonists, it becomes quite clear that he was a gentle and humble person.

As the villainous Wizard of the Crimson Lotus, Koren is far from being humble and gentle. On the very contrary, he displays great cruelty and pride, reveling in his victims' torment and mocking their weakness as well as what they hold dear. Koren displays extreme contempt and mockery for weaker fighters. He enjoys toying with his victims and breaking their spirit to no end. He is seen playing a real cat-and-mouse game with Duran while lecturing him, and slowly taking him down with several spells way below his usual level, instead of finishing him in one hit. He apparently loves to fight, as he is seen laughing endlessly during the boss battle against him. He also seems to grow increasingly irked by the protagonists' constant meddling, first dismissing them as hopeless weaklings, and later "welcoming" them with an angry outburst. Despite this, he is a capable general and a fearless warrior who never hesitates to lead his troops on the front line.

Game IntroductionEdit

"You appear to take pride in being the number one swordsman of this castle, but you ought to learn the limits of your body."
—Koren (to Duran)

Koren personally led an attack on the royal castle of the grasslands kingdom of Valsena, where he effortlessly defeated Duran, the best swordsman of Valsena (the son of Loki, the Knight of Gold who defeated the Dragon Emperor at the cost of his life) and one of the six playable characters available. Duran barely survived and vowed to become powerful enough to find, to fight and to kill Koren. At the same time, Koren planned to use Angela, who was also unable to perform magic, as a sacrifice to lift the seal on the Mana Stone of Water (each Mana Stone needing a different sacrifice). He made it appear as a decision of the Queen of Reason herself, and a distraught Angela, using magic for the first time of her life, fled the palace.

Seiken Densetsu 3 Edit


Battling Duran (left)

The Three Great Evils (the Dark Prince, the Dragon Emperor and the Masked Mage) then wage war against one another; all three of them wanting to unleash the Benevodons on the world. Each Great Evil had a second-in-command who manipulated the ruler of a nation to wage war against the others and find the eight Mana Stone, and a third-in-command who leads their armies of monsters (with the Dragon Emperor having Koren and the Darkshine Knight at his command). They eventually manage to unseal the eight Mana Stones, while the playable party fights their armies and gathers the eight Mana Spirits, in order to defeat them.

When the party calls forth the Elemental Spirits' power to open a gate to the Mana Sanctuary, the volcano where the Tree of Mana is located, Koren takes profit of their efforts to force the gate open. He then blasts the party into unconsciousness and flies to the Holyland on an Altenian flying warship, quickly followed by the other Great Evils' factions. In the ensuing battle, the primary antagonist of the storyline slays his two rivals and their servants.

If neither Duran nor Angela was selected as the primary protagonist of the storyline, the Dragon Emperor and Koren will be slain by the chosen Final Boss. Otherwise, after the party meets the Mana Goddess and obtains the mythical Sword of Mana, Koren abducts their Faerie guide and demands the Sword of Mana in exchange for her freedom. Koren casts a Death Spell on the Queen of Reason whom he no longer needs. He then uses the Sword to free the Benevodons, and unleashes the Dragon Emperor's armies of monsters on the world of Mana.

The party tracks down the Benevodons and manages to destroy them one by one. They then reach the Dragon Hole, the Dragon Emperor's lair, where they are sarcastically greeted by Koren, who sends a group of powerful monsters against them. The party successfully defeats the Darkshine Knight, who is revealed to be Loki (whose dead spirit was enslaved by the Dragon Emperor and trapped in a Dark Armour). The party confronts Koren and his evil lord, who is now fully healed. The Dragon Emperor wanted the party to destroy the Benevodons, so that their power would be trapped inside the Mana Sword, enabling him to absorb it and surpass the power of the Mana Goddess herself. However, the Goddess manages to thwart this scheme with the last of her strength. The Dragon Emperor then goes to the Mana Holyland, intending to destroy the Mana Tree, while Koren stays back to get rid of the party.

After a long and difficult battle, the party manages to defeat the Wizard of the Crimson Lotus, who comes back to his senses and tells them his story. Ashamed by his evil deeds, Koren bids his farewell to the main character before committing suicide out of self-disgust. After a moment of grieving, the party goes to the Mana Holyland to fight the Dragon Emperor.

Boss BattleEdit

"I humbled you before with my dark magic and I'll do it again! Have at you!"
—Koren (before fighting Duran's party)
"My sweet little princess... willing to die for her beloved country! I'll make it quick..."
—Koren (before fighting Angela's party)
Mega Quake

Earthquake (multi-target)


Ancient: the mightiest spell



Koren is a formidable enemy, powerful enough to be more than a match for three characters of a level higher than his own, so never treat him lightly.

Koren has mastered all level 1 and level 2 spells of the Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Light and Darkness Elements: namely Diamond Missile, Earthquake, Air Blast, Thunderstorm, Fireball, Explode, Ice Smash, Mega Splash, Holy Ball, Saint Beam, Evil Gate and Dark Force, which he can cast on one target or on all three. Even his low-level spells can be dangerous and his multi-target spells are much more powerful than the normal ones. When damaged enough, he will start casting Ancient: the most devastating spell available, which conjures MANY huge explosive meteors and deals crippling damage to the whole party.

Koren is very fast: he moves quickly and spams spell after spell, being able to cast two, if not three, different spells in a row. The only way to harm him with magic is to cast a spell of the Element opposed to the last one he cast; otherwise it will heal him. Using magic against Koren is not advised, as he will likely cast another spell before being hit and will then get healed. If you use the Elemental Spells on your weapons it will be the same.

The best way to deal with him is to increase your party's stats and to weaken him with as many spells and items as possible, before continuously attacking him with weapons and special techniques. Also make sure to heal whenever a character's life points drop under at the very least 100. There are two tricks with which you're almost sure to win:

  1. If you can cast the Moon Saber spell on your characters, they will regain life-points by striking him with their weapons.
  2. If you can use the spell Counter Magic or the item Matango Oil on your characters, every spell that Koren casts on them will be cast back at him and deal damage (with the exception of Ancient and the multi-target spells).

Circle of ManaEdit

Rank Image Classes Quote
UR UR 0317 UR 0318 UR 0319 UR 0320 Magician
Rune Master
「見下すなよ、小僧! ああ、その眼だ。その眼が憎い!」
SUR SUR 0601 SUR 0602 SUR 0603 SUR 0604 Magician
Rune Master
SUR SUR 1153 SUR 1154 SUR 1155 SUR 1156 Magician
Rune Master
SUR SUR 1189 SUR 1190 SUR 1191 SUR 1192 Magician
Grand Divino
SSUR SSUR 0049 SSUR 0050 SSUR 0051 SSUR 0052 Magician
Rune Master
SSUR SSUR 0425 SSUR 0426 SSUR 0427 SSUR 0428 Magician
Rune Master
SLGR SLGR 0053 SLGR 0054 SLGR 0055 SLGR 0056 放浪の魔導師


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