A Class Strike (abbreviated CS) is a special technique granted to each player character in Trials of Mana. These techniques are also unique to each job class the character advances through over the course of their quest.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

2D version[edit | edit source]

Below each character's status display is a gauge that measures the energy of attacks. Once the energy is built up to a given level, that character may unleash their assigned CS skill, each with varying range and effect. If the character should be struck before making the attack or forced into quick attacks, the gauge may reset.

As the character advances their class, the Class Strike gauge gains segments according to relative power of the skills learned. Thus, only the initial CS can be used until the first class change. If the character changes classes, they can activate the next CS by filling the gauge to the yellow segment. At the second class change, the gauge adds a red segment for the third CS and must be filled completely to execute it.

3D version[edit | edit source]

Each successful strike on an enemy may produce CS energy particles that, when collected, fill one of a character's CS crystals. So long as one of the crystals is full, the player can press the left shoulder button together with any assigned face button to execute the maneuver. If the player wishes to fill a crystal more quickly, they can smash any of the blue urns found in a given area. The more powerful a CS is, the more energy is required to execute.

As with the 2D version, the Class Strike gauge receives an upgrade with each new class change, barring Class 4 wherein the heroes receive a new ultimate CS and varied stat boosts, but nothing else. Thus, each hero begins with two CS crystals for a maximum of 200% energy, adding a third crystal in Class 2 and a final crystal in Class 3 for a total of 400%.

By default, the necessary button combos are activated in a clockwise order starting from 9:00 and continuing through 6:00. On the PlayStation version, this means:

  • L1+Square activates CS1
  • L1+Triangle activates CS2
  • L1+Circle activates CS3
  • L1+Cross activates CS4.

List of Class Strike techniques[edit | edit source]

Angela[edit | edit source]

Charlotte[edit | edit source]

Duran[edit | edit source]

Hawkeye[edit | edit source]

Kevin[edit | edit source]

Riesz[edit | edit source]

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