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Class 4 is the name given to ancient and forbidden disciplines that have been sealed in the world of Trials of Mana. This lore is established in the 2020 3D remake and does not appear in any other release.


Long ago, a great battle was waged between the forces of the Mana Goddess and a dark sorceress named Anise. Under the tutelage of a great sage, Grand Croix, the heroes of the past perfected twelve powerful classes and used their abilities to seal Anise with the Goddess's aid. Grand Croix himself transferred his essence to an ancient tome that came to rest in Valsena. There it remained for untold years.

The heroes of the present day are called to use these forbidden powers as the Mana Tree is about to fall. Without the Goddess to hold it, Grand Croix senses a disturbance in the seal keeping Anise at bay. He is left with little choice but to break the seal on Class 4 and the six spheres distributed throughout the world. He then tasks three heroes with finding their individual spheres, that they may unlock the powers that reside in each. When all are found, Anise calls out and beckons the heroes to cross the dimensional plane leading to her realm.


The process of switching to Class 4 is roughly identical to that used for Class 3 in both the original version and the remake, and so requires an item to perform. It does not, however, require the hero to be at a specific level to switch to their final class. The class item in question is a Sphere that embodies the hero's most prominent trait in his or her storyline:

  • Angela aspires to become the greatest magic-user in the world, and so needs the Sage Sphere.
  • Charlotte embodies the dreams of two races within herself, and needs the Hope Sphere.
  • Duran personifies a resolute courage in the face of any challenge set before him. He needs the Valor Sphere.
  • Hawkeye displays a willingness to serve and protect his homeland and the people close to him without regard of the cost to himself. He needs the Loyal Sphere.
  • Kevin must learn to trust himself and the power from deep within his bloodline that he once refused to wield. He needs the Instinct Sphere.
  • Riesz demonstrates compassion toward family, friends, and country in every action she sets her mind to. She needs the Kind Sphere.

Knowledge of each Sphere is held by someone with a close bond to the person seeking to switch classes. The party must talk to one of three supporting figures in their homelands to learn where the Spheres are held. There is also a task to complete for each character in order to obtain their Spheres.

Once the tasks are completed, the Spheres are unsealed and can be used to switch classes at the ruins of the Sanctuary of Mana. Unlike the change to Class 3, the change to Class 4 is directly linked to the choice made for Class 2; if a Light path was chosen for Class 2, then Class 4 will be Light; if the former was Dark, the latter will also be Dark.

Regardless of the player's choices, the heroes retain all learned Class Strikes, Moves, and Chain Abilities in the prior three classes. While no new Moves may be learned, each character will gain an ultimate Class Strike, new abilities, and a new Combo Attack.

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