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Cibba is one of the partner characters of Sword of Mana. He is 300+ years old sage.

Cibba's concept art in Sword of Mana


Cibba is a powerful sage revered by the people. In the Sword of Mana continuity he acted as the leader and mentor to the other two Gemma Knights ( Bogard and Granz), helping them find the Sword of Mana and fought against Vandole who had once tricked him into granting access to the Mana Sanctuary in order to gain the Mana Power. He now lives in the cathedral in Wendel. He is met by Bogard shortly before the arrival of a boy and a girl. Both want to defeat Dark Lord, the evil knight who killed their families, and Hero seeks the Sword of Mana to do so. Bogard and Cibba laugh at this notion, angering Hero who runs outside, but is quickly thrown back into the cathedral by Dark Lord himself.

Dark Lord orders Heroine to accompany him, with the safety of the town and all its residents at stake. Not wanting to see anyone get hurt, she does so. Afterwards, Cibba, Bogard and Hero think of a plan to rescue Heroine, and all go their separate ways. Cibba heads for Westlake to await the docking of the Airship on which the Heroine is held captive and sets up camp nearby upon his arrival. Shortly afterwards, Hero appears, having grown stronger. Cibba joins him and together they sneak on board the airship, eventually finding Heroine cornered by Julius. Cibba attacks Julius with his holy magic, but is counter-attacked and knocked unconscious. Shortly afterwards, Cibba regains consciousness and teleports away.

Cibba makes his way to the town of Ishe, and awaits the arrival of Hero, Heroine and their companions. When they arrive, Selah offers them the use of her house as a base of sorts. Now aware of the seriousness of the situation, when Hero asks Cibba the location of the Sword of Mana, he relents and tells Hero that it lies in the Subsea Volcano. Cibba remains in Ishe while the others search for the Sword.


In battle, Cibba comes equipped with a staff and Wisp magic, making him identical to Heroine in terms of gameplay. He only joins in Hero's storyline, and does so only once:

Joins Leaves
Westlake Airship


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