"I’m Chawwotte, wesident beauty of Wendew!"
—3D selection

Charlotte (シャルロット, Sharurotto) (Carlie in the fan translation) is one of the six main characters of Trials of Mana.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Charlotte as depicted in the character selection menu

Being half-elf, Charlotte is of a height much shorter than most humans, and ages much more slowly than humans do. She therefore carries the appearance of a six-year-old girl, though she is aged 15. She has long, wavy blonde hair and blue eyes. In her starting Cleric class, Charlotte wears a blue jumper adorned with several patterns in gold leaf, complemented by a red cap with two tails as well as matching boots. She wields various flails and nunchaku as weapons.

Personality[edit | edit source]

At surface level, Charlotte projects confidence in herself as well as in her relationships with Heath and her grandfather. Her effervescent personality and seemingly youthful appearance have earned her admiration from many within the temple she calls home. Though she is not fond of being treated as a child. she exhibits a childlike curiosity for the world beyond the temple.

Beneath this façade, however, is a girl with many insecurities. She looks to Heath as a brother of sorts, having lost her parents at a very young age. She cares deeply for Heath as well as for her grandfather, and so will go to any lengths necessary to see them safe from harm. She is also inclined toward intense emotions, particularly sadness, upon seeing or hearing any news of those close to her, as evidenced by that she cries a lot. Even tears of joy are prolonged episodes.

In the official English translation, Charlotte is characterized with both rhotacism and lambdacism, therefore both L's and R's are mostly replaced by W's in her text. The fan translation, while much easier to read through, also gave her two different quirks: first, that she had an s-to-sh shift, and second, a habit of referring to herself in the third person.

Story[edit | edit source]

"I gwew up with no pawents, but thewe was one pwiest in Wendew that was awways nice to me. Heath was kind and hewpfew. He took cawe of me."

Charlotte, the self-described "famous beauty of Wendel", is the granddaughter of the Priest of Light, born in the elfin enclave of Dior. Her parents were the cleric Leron and the elf Shela, who fell in love despite such unions between elves and humans being forbidden. After both her parents succumb to an illness, Charlotte is taken to Holy City Wendel per an agreement between the Priest of Light and the Elfin Elder of Dior. The Priest of Light raises Charlotte and mentors a fellow cleric, Heath, who also looks after her and becomes a brotherly presence for her. One day, the Priest of Light senses an evil influence in the nearby Jadd Stronghold and sends Heath to investigate. Charlotte overhears this conversation and, having a premonition of her own, sneaks out of Wendel to try to convince Heath to come back. Her fears prove to be well-founded when Goremand suddenly appears and kidnaps Heath. Charlotte then decides to do her best to rescue Heath.

Charlotte shares many story elements with Kevin, who lost his wolf pup friend Karl because of one of Goremand's spells. If either of them is chosen as the main hero in Trials of Mana, the main villain will be the Masked Mage and the final dungeon will be the Mirage Palace.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Charlotte is a somewhat stereotypical healer character, having poor combat skills but access to curative abilities. Once the Mana Spirit Lumina joins the heroes, Charlotte begins learning healing magic. She can learn a wider variety of spells after changing classes: her Light classes give her Light-element attack magic and the ability to add elemental attributes to weapons, and her Dark classes give her summons and a variety of detrimental spells for use on enemies.

Classes[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of Charlotte's classes. The first class change takes place at Level 18, while the second one takes place at Level 38, with the latter requiring specific items acquired from ??? Seeds.

Level Light Dark
Lv. 1
ToM-Charlotte (Cleric).png

Lv. 18
ToM-Charlotte (Priestess).png

ToM-Charlotte (Enchantress).png

Lv. 38
ToM-Charlotte (High Cleric).png

High Cleric
(Holy Water Vial.gifHoly Bottle)
ToM-Charlotte (Sage).png

(Bottle of Salt.gifSalt Bottle)
ToM-Charlotte (Necromancer).png

(Bottle of Ashes.gifAsh Bottle)
ToM-Charlotte (Warlock).png

(Bottle of Blood.gifCursed Bottle)
(remake only)
ToM-Charlotte (Class 4 Light).png
High Priestess

(Hope Sphere)

ToM-Charlotte (Class 4 Dark).png

(Hope Sphere)


  • Class 4 path is dependent upon the path of the Class 2 switch. All Class 3 abilities learnt are retained.

Priestess[edit | edit source]

Charlotte Priestess Sprite.gif

As her faith grows, so does the Priestess' power and resolve. Her focus on the healing arts grows in leaps and bounds, able to heal her allies in the blink of an eye during the heat of combat, but now she comes to take a more proactive role in ridding the world of foulness, calling down holy wrath on the heads of those who halt her sacred course, or, when direct smiting isn't feasible, bolstering her allies with magical elements, making their blows all the more fearsome.

Enchantress[edit | edit source]

Charlotte Enchantress Sprite.gif

The harsh reality of the world can have severe effects on the strongest of faiths, and many a Cleric has been tempted from the straight and narrow mentality of divine magic, studying arts of animation and summoning to provide a more direct approach to resolution of a battle. While the potency and efficacy of her healing magic grows, she forsakes the more supportive studies of divine magic, preferring to call up strange mechanical beasts to assail enemies.

High Cleric (Bishop)[edit | edit source]

Charlotte Bishop Sprite.gif

Though the horrors of the world might lead some to abandon their faith, others find the light within them burns all the fiercer. At this pinnacle of devotion, the practitioner of holy magic can end the foul ailments that assail her allies in a flash, hamper magical assaults hurled at her, or even infuse her allies weapons with the power of light to beat back the darkness. Woe betide the unfortunate undead that cross her path, as her faith is such that a mere glance is enough to end their miserable existence forever.

Sage[edit | edit source]

Charlotte Sage Sprite.gif

While devout, some who walk the path of divine magic feel that the injury and ills caused by the wicked could be prevented much more effectively if these same sadistic bringers of suffering met more expedient ends. To that end, the Sage retains the healing powers that brought her to this point, but focuses on bringing the more wrathful side of the light to bear on foes, searing enemies with holy fury. While impressive, some would argue that this is the first step to the folly of wrath over mercy. Others, weary of endless hordes of evil-minded men and wicked things, would counter that perhaps the wicked should fear the light.

Necromancer[edit | edit source]

Charlotte Necromancer Sprite.gif

Having read forbidden texts and learned lessons that cannot be forgotten, some who started on a pure and wholesome path find themselves considering the dread art of necromancy as a means to an end. The world is sadly chock full of adventurers and innocents who met tragic ends, and so the Necromancer finds no shortage of corpses and spirits to send against her enemies, inflicting as much horror as injury in their flailing assaults. When direct assault fails, however, the Necromancer imbues her allies weapons with fell energies, and practices foul curses that leave her unfortunate target a shriveled and withered shadow of their former selves.

Warlock (Evil Shaman)[edit | edit source]

Charlotte Evil Shaman Sprite.gif

One shudders to consider what line of demented thinking could lead a cleric to have fallen to this abyssal point. Having made pacts no sane mind would make, and having abandoned the path of healing and protection, those who survive the Warlock's foul rites and insidious rituals call forth demons and foul things of the abyss to rend apart their foes with terrible strength and unrelenting dark magic. Stripping away magical protections with sadistic glee as she sends the hordes of the underworld after her prey, the Warlock must be ever vigilant in summoning and dismissal of her "friends", lest they spy a crack in her mental armor and devour her like any other.

Class Strikes[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of skill attacks Charlotte learns across her different classes:

Level Light Dark
Lv. 1
Whackbam Icon Charlotte TOM.png
Lv. 18
Jump Icon Charlotte TOM.png

Dash Icon Charlotte TOM.png
Lv. 38
Chop Slap Icon Charlotte TOM.png
Chop Slap
(High Cleric)

Kersplode Icon Charlotte TOM.png

Bombtastic Icon Charlotte TOM.png

Jumbonk Icon Charlotte TOM.png
Post-Game (remake only)
Kablooey Icon Charlotte TOM.png
(High Priestess)

Whamblast Icon Charlotte TOM.png

Moves[edit | edit source]

Charlotte is capable of learning several moves, which are mainly of a healing variety. She will also learn summoning moves when she chooses the Dark path at Level 18+.

Below is a table of moves Charlotte learns across her different classes:

Level Light Dark
Lv. 1 Heal Light.gifHealing Light
Tinkle Rain.gifTwinkle Rain
Lv. 18 Holy Ball.gifHoly Bolt
Diamond Saber.gifStone Saber
Thunder Saber.gifLightning Saber
Flame Saber.gifFlame Saber
Ice Saber.gifIce Saber
Heal Light.gifHealing Light +
Heal Light.gifHealing Light +
Unicorn Head (Summon).gif Chess Knight
Machine Golem (Summon).gifMachine Golem
Lv. 38 Saint Saber.gifHoly Saber
Magic Shield.gifMagic Shield
Turn Undead.gifUndead Away
Tinkle Rain.gifTwinkle Rain +
(High Cleric)
Holy Ball.gifHoly Bolt +
Diamond Saber.gifStone Saber +
Thunder Saber.gifLightning Saber +
Flame Saber.gifFlame Saber +
Ice Saber.gifIce Saber +
Tinkle Rain.gifTwinkle Rain +
Saint Beam.gifLucent Beam
Black Curse.gifDark Curse
Dark Saber.gifDark Saber
Ghost (Summon).gifGhost
Ghoul (Summon).gifGhoul
Tinkle Rain.gifTwinkle Rain +
Anti Magic.gifDispel Magic
Great Demon (Summon).gifDemon
Gremlin (Summon).gifGremlin
Demon Breath.gifFetid Breath
  • Note 1: Regardless of which class Charlotte changes to at Level 18+, her Heal Light spell will always be upgraded to be able to target all allies.
  • Note 2: Twinkle Rain will be upgraded to be able to target all allies when Charlotte class changes to a High Cleric, Sage, or a Necromancer.
  • Note 3: Charlotte's 'Light' Saber moves will gain the ability to multi-target when she changes class into a Sage.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Charlotte comes to wield flail weapons, be it from maces and ball and chains, to simple linked rods and staves. As Charlotte progresses in her classes, Priestess classes come bear flails to be rooted in holy and anointed origin, symbolic of their use in both observance and armament, while Enchantress classes come to bear flails with more occultish and sinister features, almost as charms and fetishes to attract and draw upon netherworldly power with.

Name Cost Location Class
Hollow Rod.gifFlail 28 Starting Weapon --
Wood Flail.gifWood Flail 80 Astoria, Wendel, Maia --
Ball & Chain.gifBall & Chain 184 Dwarf Village, Valsena --
Light Flail.gifLight Flail 230 Beiser, Palo, Jad --
Warhammer.gifWar Hammer 405 Ghost Ship, Palo --
Steel Maul.gifSteel Flail 820 Tomato Town --
Duck Ironball.gifDuck Orb 1300 Alrant, Sirhtan, Diin --
Silver Flail.gifSilver Flail 2480 Mintas Priestess
Heavy Flail.gifHammer Flail 2480 Mintas Enchantress
Morningstar.gifMorning Star 2277 Dior --
Heiro Flail.gifHiero Flail 3170 Dior Priestess
Puppet Flail.gifPuppet Flail 3220 Dior Enchantress
Blockbuster.gifBlockbuster 3830 Altena, Diin, Mintas --
Mythril Maul.gifMythril Maul 4000 Altena, Diin, Mintas Priestess
Troll Maul.gifTroll Maul 4135 Altena, Diin, Mintas Enchantress
Cuneal Maul.gifCuneal Maul 7200 Cats --
Holy Flail.gifHoly Flail 7495 Cats Priestess
Thibula Flail.gifThubula Flail 7600 Cats Enchantress
Gravity Maul.gifGravity Maul 17230 Cats --
Ultima Maul.gifUltima Flail 17470 Cats Priestess
Bloodsucker.gifBloodsucker 17335 Cats Enchantress
Meteo Flail.gifMeteor Flail 18080 Pedda --
Mjolnir.gifMjolnir 34270 Pedda Priestess
Satan Flail.gifDoom Flail 32000 Pedda Enchantress
Vertina Maul.gifVertina Maul -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Priestess/Enchantress
Judgementes.gifJudgment -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed High Cleric
Gigas Flail.gifGigas Flail -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Sage
Maul of the Dead.gifSlayer Mace -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Necromancer
Juggernaut.gifJuggernaut -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Warlock

Armor[edit | edit source]

Name Cost Location Class
Chibikko Armor.gifMinor Robe 15 Starting Armor --
Lamb Suit.gifSheep Pajamas 55 Wendel, Maia --
Priest's Robe.gifCleric Robe 90 Dwarf Village, Valsena --
Popoie's Rags.gifPopoi's Gown 154 Beiser, Palo --
Sailor Dress.gifUniform Dress 215 Ghost Ship, Palo --
Poto Suit.gifPoto Pajamas 246 Dark Priest Village, Valsena --
Velvet Cape.gifVelvet Cape 525 Alrant, Sirhtan, Diin, Mintos, Diorre --
Moogle Smock.gifMoogle Smock 990 Mintos --
Pakkun Suit.gifPakkun Suit 1900 Diorre --
Glint Robe.gifGlint Robe 2100 Altena, Deen, Mintos --
Utsufushi Robe.gifUtsufushi Robe 2930 Cats --
Golden Robe.gifGolden Robe 3480 Cats Priestess
Silver Robe.gifSilver Robe 3410 Cats Enchantress
Minister's Robe.gifVestment 7200 Pedan Priestess
Shrine Girl Robe.gifShrine Girl Robe 7200 Pedan Enchantress
Kurikara Robe 14.gifKurikara Robe 14 -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Priestess/Enchantress
Bishop's Robe.gifHigh Vestment -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed High Cleric
Sage's Robe.gifSage's Robe -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Sage
Undead Suit.gifUndead Suit -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Necromancer
Bitium Dress.gifBitium Dress -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Warlock

Helmets[edit | edit source]

Name Cost Location Class
Cat-ear Hood.gifKitten Hood 40 Maia --
Rabite Hat.gifRabite Cap 170 Jadd --
Mog Cap.gifMoogle Mask 705 Diin --
Silk Ribbon.gifSilk Ribbon 990 Diorre --
Porobin Hood.gifPorobin Hood 2100 Cats --
Holy Spirit Hood.gifHoly Spirit Hood 2600 Cats --
Sunstone Hat.gifSun Cap 3335 Pedan --
Spiritus Ribbon.gifSpiritus Ribbon -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Priestess/Enchantress
Bishop's Ribbon.gifBishop's Ribbon -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed High Cleric
Sage's Ribbon.gifSage's Ribbon -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Sage
Undead Ribbon.gifUndead Ribbon -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Necromancer
Bitium Ribbon.gifBitium Ribbon -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Warlock

Accessories[edit | edit source]

Name Cost Location Class
Marble Ring.gifMarble Ring 58 Valsena --
Bunny Egg.gifBunny Egg 140 Jad --
Moon Ring.gifMoon Ring 705 Deen --
Protect Earrings.gifProtect Earrings 990 Deen, Mintos --
Whitelight Ring.gifWhitelight Ring 1850 Cats Priestess
Blackshade Ring.gifBlackshade Ring 2200 Cats Enchantress
Matagama.gifMatagama -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Priestess/Enchantress
Moon Flower.gifMoon Flower -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed High Cleric/Sage
Black Onyx.gifBlack Onyx -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Necromancer/Warlock

Circle of Mana[edit | edit source]

Rank Image Classes Quote
SR SR 0081.jpg SR 0082.jpg SR 0083.jpg SR 0084.jpg Cleric
UR UR 0001.jpg UR 0002.jpg UR 0003.jpg UR 0004.jpg Cleric
UR UR 0501.jpg UR 0502.jpg UR 0503.jpg UR 0504.jpg Cleric
SUR SUR 0013.jpg SUR 0014.jpg SUR 0015.jpg SUR 0016.jpg Cleric
SUR SUR 0497.jpg SUR 0498.jpg SUR 0499.jpg SUR 0500.jpg Cleric
「おめんのおじーちゃんがヒースのおとーさんだったなんて! はじめまちて!」
SUR SUR 0637.jpg SUR 0638.jpg SUR 0639.jpg SUR 0640.jpg Cleric
SUR SUR 1001.jpg SUR 1002.jpg SUR 1003.jpg SUR 1004.jpg Cleric
SUR SUR 1041.jpg SUR 1042.jpg SUR 1043.jpg SUR 1044.jpg Cleric
SUR SUR 1109.jpg SUR 1110.jpg SUR 1111.jpg SUR 1112.jpg Cleric
SUR SUR 1113.jpg SUR 1114.jpg SUR 1115.jpg SUR 1116.jpg Cleric
SSUR SSUR 0005.jpg SSUR 0006.jpg SSUR 0007.jpg SSUR 0008.jpg Cleric
SSUR SSUR 0493.jpg SSUR 0494.jpg SSUR 0495.jpg SSUR 0496.jpg Cleric
「げげ! じゃあ、ほんとうにシャルロットが?」
SSUR SSUR 0549.jpg SSUR 0550.jpg SSUR 0551.jpg SSUR 0552.jpg Cleric
「できるとおもったらできるでち! キアイとコンジョーがじゅうようでち。」
SSUR SSUR 0685.jpg SSUR 0686.jpg SSUR 0687.jpg SSUR 0688.jpg Cleric
SSUR SSUR 0705.jpg SSUR 0706.jpg SSUR 0707.jpg SSUR 0708.jpg Cleric
SSUR SSUR 0801.jpg SSUR 0802.jpg SSUR 0803.jpg SSUR 0804.jpg Cleric
SSUR SSUR 0909.jpg SSUR 0910.jpg SSUR 0911.jpg SSUR 0912.jpg Cleric
SSUR SSUR 0913.jpg SSUR 0914.jpg SSUR 0915.jpg SSUR 0916.jpg Cleric
「こうでちか、こうでちか!? それともこうでちかー!?」
SSUR SSUR 1005.jpg SSUR 1006.jpg SSUR 1007.jpg SSUR 1008.jpg Cleric
LGR LGR 0017.jpg LGR 0018.jpg LGR 0019.jpg LGR 0020.jpg Cleric
LGR LGR 0349.jpg LGR 0350.jpg LGR 0351.jpg LGR 0352.jpg Cleric
LGR LGR 0401.jpg LGR 0402.jpg LGR 0403.jpg LGR 0404.jpg Cleric
LGR LGR 0469.jpg LGR 0470.jpg LGR 0471.jpg LGR 0472.jpg Cleric
LGR LGR 0485.jpg LGR 0486.jpg LGR 0487.jpg LGR 0488.jpg Cleric
LGR LGR 0605.jpg LGR 0606.jpg LGR 0607.jpg LGR 0608.jpg Cleric
LGR LGR 0665.jpg LGR 0666.jpg LGR 0667.jpg LGR 0668.jpg Cleric
SLGR SLGR 0029.jpg SLGR 0030.jpg SLGR 0031.jpg SLGR 0032.jpg Cleric

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Charlotte is unique in that she can join the party as the third character before the first boss, the Full Metal Hugger, making the battle considerably easier.
  • Her use of chained flails and maces, and having story and class themes revolving around the clerical and faith may be a nod to Castlevania, where their stories often revolve around the Belmont Clan of vampire hunters and their eternal feud between the dark forces of Dracula.
  • In the 3D remake, the tassels on Charlotte's cap change with her class:
    • Priestess: Full moons
      • High Cleric: Golden diamonds with iconography
      • Sage: Teal tassels
    • Enchantress: Crescent moons
      • Necromancer: White diamonds
      • Warlock: Horseshoe charms

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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Luck Abilities
Ambush · Bad Luck · Bless · Bountiful · Broken Lines · Climatic Hit · Concentrate · Critical Damage · Critical Smash · Cure · Damage Heal · Down Side · Effect Boost All · Enigma · Extra Potent · Fellow Bond · Flourish · Forsake · Good Luck · Hard Ricochet · Less Encounters · Love of Mana · Loving Miracle · Lucky Break · Lucky Find · Magic Armor · Magic Smash · Mana Miracle · More Encounters · Narrow Escape · Obsidian Power · Opposite Effect · Persist · Pinpoint · Pride · Provoke · Random Buff · Random Debuff · Retribution · Revive · Soul Swallow · Safeguard · Stat Down Converter II · Survive
Alrant · Altena · Astoria · Beiser · Diin · Dior · Dwarf Village · Ferolia · Jadd · Koropokkur Woods · Laurent · Maia · Mintas · Nevarl · Palo · Pedda · Sirhtan · Tomato Town · Valsena · Temple of Light · Wendel
Burning Sands · Crystal Desert · Duskmoon Forest · Frostbite Fields · Golden Road · Heavensway · Jungle of Visions · Lampbloom Woods · Molebear Moors · Oblivisle · Rabite Forest · Stonesplit Gap · Volcanic Island Beuca · Woods of Wandara
Cascade Cavern · Celestial Peak · Chartmoon Tower · Gem Valley Daria · Dark Castle · Dragonsmaw · Dwarf Tunnels · Fiery Gorge · Ghost Ship · Gusthall · Labyrinth of Ice · Mirage Palace · Night Cavern · Sanctuary of Mana · Seaside Cavern · Shimmering Ruins
Mana Tree · Mana Sword · Mana Stone · Benevodons · Magic Pot
Game Mechanics & Script
Game Controls · Translation · Version Differences · Trials of Mana Difficulty Level · Updates · Attacks · Battle Results · Class Change · Class 4 · Abilities · Stats in Trials of Mana · CS Gauge · Sparkle · Urn · Trap Chest · Rabite Adornment · Rabite Slippers · Bugs & Glitches · Trials of Mana Trophies
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