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A Chain Ability is an equippable passive skill in the 2020 remake of Trials of Mana. Many such skills can be learned throughout the world, and provide augments for use by the party as a whole. While some Chain Abilities are unique to the character that learns them, others can be equipped by two or all three party members.



There are three possible methods for learning Chain Abilities:

  1. Via interaction with key characters.
  2. Training of individual characters.
  3. Completing the game and starting a New Game Plus.


In order for a Chain Ability to take effect, it must be equipped on an active party member. Each unit is initially given two slots for passives in Class 1, adding two more with each class change (four in Class 2, six in Class 3, and the maximum of eight in Class 4).

On the Gear and Skills menu, passives are allocated per unit from the lower half of the screen. When the player selects a slot, a list of abilities both learned and acquired by the party will appear. This list also varies according to which characters can use what abilities, which are then expanded upon in a box at the bottom of the screen. If a unit can use an ability, his/her avatar will appear next to it; and it can be equipped. However, if an ability is already equipped by another character, the player may be offered the option to remove that ability from the first unit in order to equip it on a second unit. Also of note, most abilities are stackable unless otherwise noted (e.g. Hawkeye's Lucky Find and Lucky Find II for easier item farming).

List of Chain Abilities[]

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