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An officer in the Peddan military. Quite aloof, but carries out his orders faithfully. Has known both Baxilios and Yurchael for a long time.

Heroes of Mana[]

Celestan appears as an antagonist and attacks the party several times, most often in charge of the Dragon troops sent to Pedda by the Dragon Lord. His nonchalant attitude and general apathy is in direct contrast to Roget's group and he is defeated every time. He does, however, have a strong desire to defeat Yurchael who he sees as a rival. He also is the first to question why Baxilios put Yurchael in charge of the scout mission, knowing it would bring them into conflict.

Celestan appears a final time at Celestial point and states his theory that Baxillos brought Yurchael into this because either she hates him, or wants him to stop her. Either way he attempts to settle things with his rival and is beaten down again. For a moment he appears willing to fight until death, only for the winged guardian to appear and send him running in terror. Because of this he appears to be one of the only Peddens to survive the end of the game.

Circle of Mana[]

Rank Image Classes Quote
SUR SUR 0917.jpg SUR 0918.jpg SUR 0919.jpg SUR 0920.jpg Fighter
Ruling Knight
「どこを見てる? 戦場で余所見は禁物だぜ!」
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