The Cascade Cavern (called Cave of Waterfalls in the fan translation) is a dungeon in Trials of Mana. It is located east of the Rabite Forest, a short distance north of Astoria and roughly south-southeast of Jadd.


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The central hero arrives here after their prologue, whereupon they are trying to seek an audience with the Priest of Light in Wendel. However, their route is blocked by a magic barrier meant to protect the Holy City. With few options, they head to Astoria for advice on how to neutralize the barrier. Witnesses in the area have seen a floating light by night, as bright as day itself.

Our hero visits the inn to rest the night, but wakes to a strange glow from the window and decides to follow it. Deep in the forest, they encounter a wearied Faerie who pleads with them to escort her to Wendel. Although shocked by the sudden turn of events, the hero agrees to this request upon learning that she can remove the barrier. To survive, Faerie must bond with a host, which takes the hero by surprise.

Before they can return to the cavern, however, the sounds of war are heard in the distance. Lakeside Town Astoria is leveled by beastmen. No residents are known to have survived.

Cascade Cavern Waterfall TOM

Cascade Cavern's central waterfall

At the entrance to the cave, our hero meets their first companion who must also get to Wendel to see the Priest of Light. As the two make their way through, they may find Charlotte perilously hanging from an earthen bridge. If Charlotte was chosen as the third character, she is rescued and joins the party in thanks. If she was not chosen and is not the hero, she leaves toward Wendel and later catches up with them, but they ultimately refuse her.

At Wendel, the party Is granted their audience with the Priest of Light, who tells them that what they seek can only be granted by the Mana Goddess. Faerie tells him that Mana is weakening to the point that she cannot return to the Mana Sanctuary without help from her host. The key to the Sanctuary lies in the eight Mana Stones, but they are sealed. Thus, the Priest sends them on their quest to recover the eight Mana spirits, that with Faerie's remaining powers they might open the path to the Sanctuary. The first of the spirits, Lumina, resides in the Cascade Cavern near the Lightstone.

Faerie guides the party to the core of the cavern, where Fullmetal Hugger ambushes them from above. Its defeat releases Lumina, who joins the party.

But as they set out to return to Wendel, the party is again ambushed, this time by the beastmen.

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