"Even adventuwews need snacks. OK, I got the candy and the chocowate. I'm weady!"
—Charlotte, shopping in Diin

Candy (also known as the Gumdrop or Round Drop) is one of the recurring items in the Mana series. It is the most basic healing item in the game, restoring a small amount of HP to a single character. It could be said to be the Mana series' equivalent of the Final Fantasy series' Potion.


Sword of ManaEdit

Chest: Path to Topple, Path to Cave, Topple Inn, Batmo Cave, Vinquette Vicinity (x2), Marsh Cave, Airship, Devius Manor (x2), Miasma Glen, Mt. Illusia, Granz Castle, Snowfield, Kahla Peaks, Rocky Wilds, Glass Desert (North), Ruined Passage, Dime Tower

Store: Topple General Store, Wendel General Store, Menos General Store, Jadd Blacksmith, Jadd General Store, Ishe General Store, Niccolo

Monster: Rabite (56%), Tonpole (48%), Land Leech (15%), Iffish (56%), Duck GI (46%), Chobin Hood (56%), Zonbine (45%), Rabillion (50%), Goblin Guard (56%), Snowy Rabite (56%), Grumpkin (56%), Granz Soldier (56%), Granz Archer (56%)

  • Buy: 10
  • Sell: 5
  • Use: Heal 30 HP. Useful early on if you are Hero and do not have any other way to heal, but Heal Light is generally more useful. Still, unlike Heal Light you cannot be interrupted while using a Gum Drop. You can carry up to 99 Gumdrops.

Secret of ManaEdit

(Known as Candy in all versions)

Buy: Potos Village, Pandora, Kippo Village, Dwarf Village, Matango, Kakkara, Todo Village, Southtown, Northtown, Mandala, Gold City, Tasnica.

Neko's locations: Neko's Sundries, Gaia's Navel (to Watts's forge), Haunted Forest, Witch's Castle, Forest of Seasons (Spring), Moogle Village, Crystal Forest, Lofty Mountains, Great Palace.

Drop: Armored Man, Blat, Buzz Bee, Chobin Hood, Crawler, Dark Funk, Dark Ninja, Evil Sword, Ghoul, Goblin, Grave Bat, Gremlin, Howler, Imp, Mad Mallard, Mushboom, Rabite, Sand Stinger, Spider Legs, Steamed Crab, Trap Flower, Water Thug.

  • Buy: 10 GP in most stores. Neko the Cat will double the price and charge 20 GP.
  • Sell: 6
  • Use: Heal 100 HP. Useful in early boss battles if the party is low on HP. but fades once Undine is bonded, as Primm gains Cure Water and Popoi gauns Energy Absorb

Trials of Mana Edit

Candy (Round Drop in the fan translation) is an item in Trials of Mana.

Round Drop SD3SNES version

Candy3 TOM3D version

  • Function : Restores an ally's HP by 200.
  • Where to buy : All stores
    • Buy : 20 L
    • Sell : 5 L

Children of ManaEdit

Dawn of ManaEdit

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

Candy was used as an exchange currency in the Secret of Mana crossover event Mana Mystery.

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