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Cactus Diaries is an in-game book in Legend of Mana similar to the Li'l Cactus's Diary in Sword of Mana. It is written on some leaves hanging in the upstairs bedroom at Home. Speaking to Li'l Cactus after completing a mission and then leaving the room will cause him to rush to his leaves and write down his observations. To fully complete the book, the player must speak to him after each mission.


01 - Niccolo's Business Unusual[]

Rid the highway of bandits!
My master beat banditos with a creature called Niccolo.
Niccolo was scared of the banditos, but I'm scared to know what Niccolo is.
What could he possibly be?

02 - The Little Sorcerers[]

Stop the rampant pumpkins!
Today I head a story about two little sorcerers trying to become the kings of this world.
But pumpkins? They used pumpkins?
I hope they're still yummy.

03 - The Wisdom of Gaeus[]

Go with Daena to meet Gaeus!
A big face on a mountain?
It's hard to believe, but my master saw it, so I guess it's true.
It knows and doesn't know lots of things.
What an amazing world.

04 - Where's Putty?[]

Rescue Putty from the Penguins!
Today I heard about a scary macho man trying to find his doggie.
I like doggies' pointy noses and their wagging tails.
Doggies are so much cuter than macho men.

05 - The Lost Princess[]

To the cave in search of Pearl!
Fighting a monkey in the caverns and saving a girl!
Wow, that sounds like something out of a movie.
But the girl was really shy and turned red, and I guess that was too much for my master.

06 - Diddle's Letter[]

To where did Pelican take Diddle?
A pelican kidnapped a little boy?!
And it threw the boy away somewhere?
That's just not right.
What are the people at the child protection agency doing?

07 - Two Torches[]

The case of Matilda in Gato...
A cat-eared woman and a long-haired man had a fight, and a grandma was kidnapped.
And then the two found the grandma.
I think this kind of story is getting old.

08 - Huntin' Du'Cate[]

Hunt for Du'Cate in the jungle!
Today my master saw a really big tree-hanging monkey and a really BIG red animal with really BIG attitude.
Why can't they be like me?

09 - The Murmuring Forest[]

Foil the Faeries' scheme!
Today's adventure was in the Jungle where lots of Faeries live.
The long-haired man was there again.
Is it just me, or is there trouble brewing? I think I'm psychic.

10 - The Gorgon Eye[]

War between Faeries and Penguins.
Lots of penguins fell into the lake and their cap'n was thrown in there by a turtle after being changed into stone!
Penguins can swim, but stone can't!
Was the cap'n okay?
What a scary, scary story.

11 - In Search of Faeries[]

Find Daena and tell Matilda!
Today's story was about a woman who disappeared when she went to the lake to look for a demon.
I say she should've been catching fish instead of any demons.

12 - 'Teatime of Danger[]

Rescue Teapo from the ruins!
It sounds like today's adventure was about opening and closing the Flowerlings' gates.
And today's monster kept sucking out my master's blood.
Stop bothering my master!

13 - Star-Crossed Lovers[]

To the ruins to meet Irwin!
Escad and Daena are always fighting.
Why do people keep fighting each other?
I wish for world peace.

14 - Mine Your Own Business[]

Take Watts back to his shop.
The birdman says Watts doesn't have any heroic stories to tell.
I wish someone will come up with a story about ME. He moves like lightning!
He kicks monster butt! I think I like that.

15 - Pokiehl: Dream Teller[]

Ask Pokiehl about Escad's past.
My master went to a place that might have been a dream.
What does that mean?
Maybe I can sneak in there when nobody is watching.

16 - Diddle Kidnapped!?[]

Rescue Diddle from the forest!
A little boy named Diddle was kidnapped.
Diddle had a friend named Capella who found him.
Wish I could be somebody's help. No, seriously.

17 - Heaven's Gate[]

To Lucemia to vanquish Irwin!
A big big big big snake snake snake!
My master walked inside a snake and went up to its head to fight a demon.
Do you think I believe that kind of story?

18 - Daddy's Broom[]

Find Lisa's special broom!
I threw away an old broom, and that made Bud and Lisa mad.
They went and got it back, and fixed where it was broken.
I guess everything is just hunky-dory now.

19 - The Infernal Doll[]

The dolls' hatred towards man.
The junk at the Junkyard really wasn't junk!
They were the leftovers of the artifacts used in wars long long ago.
Wow... That makes me like them a little. Only a little bit.

20 - Diddle Had It![]

Diddle's had enough of his job.
What's the difference between people who like doing the same thing everyday and the ones who don't?
I like being a cactus everyday, but maybe I'm not supposed to.
Did I get that right?

21 - The Looking-Glass Tower[]

Get to know Pearl at the tower.
A girl went up a tower to see her past, or something like that.
I'm losing track of what's going on, and getting a little bit tired of keeping my diary lately.

22 - Two Pearls[]

Search for Pearl in the tower!
Pearl disappeared, and then Elazul found her.
But Blackpearl was there too and wouldn't give Pearl back to Elazul.
We need more love in this world.

23 - The Flame of Hope[]

Solve the unsolvable in Gato!
Popo bug is reeaaally long, with lots and lots of knobs, and it's easy to break one Popo bug to make two Popo bugs.
Who gets hurt when a Popo bug is in someone's tummy?
The Popo bug?

24 - Cosmo[]

Search for the kidnapped Pearl!
Pearl disappeared again, so Elazul went and looked for her again.
Sandra and Lord Jewels and lots of people were in today's story.
It made me sleepy.

25 - Can't Look Back[]

Learn of Mephianse's past...
I remember the part about a sorcerer named Mephianse, but I don't remember anything else, because I sort of fell asleep.
I hope my master didn't see me sleeping.

26 - A Siren's Song[]

The Siren was persecuted.
A birdgirl was trapped in a birdcage, and a fishgirl guarded the birdcage for the birdgirl.
I want a friend who guards my cactus pot.

27 - Summer Lovin'[]

David and Valerie's Endless Summer.
Clobbering crabs at the beach!
That sounds like fun, but I feel bad for the crabs.
Surprise lesson of the day: penguins can fall in love!

28 - Drowned Dreams[]

Ghosts in Polpota Harbor!?
I hear that Basket Fish is a weirdo and has attitude problems.
He should try harder, if he wants to become human.
I think I'll try harder too.

29 - Fluorite[]

Into Florina's nightmare!
Today it was about going to a desert and seeing desert people, or something like that.
It was a bit difficult for me to understand.
Desert troopers?
Hurricane fighters?

30 - Faeries' Light[]

Help Monique sell some lamps.
Learned Dudbear words to sell lamps to Dudbears!
Just what is master up to?
But it's neat that master comes by to tell me funny stories like that.

31 - The Lucky Clover[]

Adventure in Geo with Esmeralda!
Another friend in my master's life.
She was a pile of dirt?
Did I get that right?
I didn't know what to say to that, so I couldn't look straight into my master's eyes.

32 - Alexandrite[]

Escort Pearl to Diana of Geo!
Hey, what does a Jumi say when he sees his people after a long time?
"Jumis me?"
Get it?
"Ju-miss me?"
Wait, what's the matter?
You can't take the "pun"ishment?

33 - Teardrop Crystal[]

To the Jumi's Bejeweled City!
I guess there is a place called the Bejeweled City in this world, but that name sounds flakey.
I think my master was making up this story.

34 - The Quiet Sea[]

The Buccaneer's sails fell slack.
A penguin reeled-in a bottled ghost, and all the penguins on the ship ended up collapsing!
That is really scary!
But I wonder how the ghost fit inside a bottle?

35 - The Treasure Map[]

A treasure map in Mekiv Caverns?
Today my master joined a fight between the penguins and the Dudbears.
I don't understand humans at all.

36 - Reach for the Stars[]

Stop Mephianse's desert rampage!
A sorcerer did a little old magic in the desert.
I was watching it, too, and it was really cool!
I guess the ancient people thought better things back then.

37 - The Dragon Princess[]

Now for the third dragon!
Larc is working for his Boss because he wants to get out of there.
But I think he is enjoying it.
I've got to see him to learn the truth.

38 - The Guardian of Winds[]

Slay a dragon in the mountains!
So my master fought lots of birds today.
I wonder if it hurts to be poked around by their beaks?

39 - The Ghost of Nemesis[]

Hunt the second dragon!
Was it fun going up and down in the fort made of bones?
Or was it scary?
I wouldn't know, because I'm only a cactus in a pot.

40 - The Crimson Dragon[]

The Underworld went upside down and a burning castle came out.
And there was a big dragon that master had to fight.
Cuz my master came back, I guess the dragon is no more, right?

41 - The Fallen Emperor[]

To the depths of the Underworld!
A dog-faced dragoon came out and took my master downstairs when master touched a tombstone.
How am I supposed to picture this?
It's really tough.

42 - The Blessed Elixir[]

Draw water from the oasis.
The barrel in my master's soul had a blast at the desert.
Ah, the desert!
Home of my soul, desert!
The hot, scorching sun and the dry, dry air.
I need to go there.

43 - Seeing Double[]

A supernatural sighting in Domina.
A tiny weirdo did all sorts of bad things today, and now a lot of people got scratches on their hearts.
Little scratches on people's hearts will be gone if they pat them from behind, but the humans don'tknow that.

44 - The Cage of Dreams[]

The Sproutling outside is gone!
Grandpa sorcerer hid a Sproutling in his dream!
Wow, that grandpa can really do amazing things.
I wonder if I can do that?

45 - Niccolo's Business Unusual: Part 2[]

To the waterfall to pick Greenballs!
Greenballs look like locusts without their wings.
They don't look that yummy to me.
I'd rather have fish for dinner.

46 - Niccolo's Business Unusual: Part 3[]

Flowerlings in the ruins?
Niccolo tried to catch the psychokinetic Flowerling to make himself filthy rich, but it got away.
I wish I was psychic, because I would use that power to write my diaries.

47 - Niccolo's Business Unusual: Part 4[]

Showing Watts how to make a sale.
Watt's tried to make a new wallet just like his old one, but I think he made a mistake somewhere.
Maybe it's the width, or maybe it's the crooked edge.

48 - Niccolo Calls It Quits?[]

Show Kristie the ultimate deal!
Niccolo lost his memories and then got them back.
My master didn't tell me where and how they found the lost memories, so I guess it's top secret.
I will keep my mouth shut.

49 - Li'l Cactus[]

Li'l Cactus off to cure Bud?
Finally I got to go on an adventure on my own.
Greenballs, Tako bugs, I will never forget your smiles.
I feel like I saved the world today.
Just feeling like that is enough for me.

50 - Rachel[]

Rachel ran away from home!
Rachel went to the witch of reincarnation and was turned into a blue jiggly.
I wonder what kind of life the green wiggly was having, but am I the only one thinking about this?

51 - The Nordic Snowfield[]

From the ship to the snow...
Faeries can be and can't be seen by people.
I guess seeing a Faerie is just like dreaming.
Wait, do I actually see a dream?
Or is it something that really happens?

52 - Buried Treasure[]

From the ship to the beach...
Today my master bribed the Dudbears to get some treasure.
Oh, so that's how the treasure-hunters get what they want.
I see.

53 - Path of the Blacksmith[]

Learn how to hammer from Watts.
There's a new room in the backyard workshop.
It's to make weapons and armors for my master to be able to whack some more little monsters.
That's not nice.
We should all be friends.

54 - Enchanted Instruments 101[]

Help a student make instruments.
Now my master can make more instruments in the backyard workshop.
Wow, master is really learning how to pick on those monsters!

55 - Golem Go Make 'em[]

Take over Prof. Bomb's research.
I can put some stuff together and make my own Golem (Legend of Mana)!
My master should add that to the resume for future job-hunting.

56 - The Mana Orchards[]

Weeds are all over your home.
Mr. Grandpa tree is so big and scary, it makes me want to hide by his roots.
His roots look like the best place to hide.

57 - The Monster Corral[]

Find a fledgling in Domina.
Now my master can Monster Corral bring back eggs of other animals to raise them as pets!
I can't pet them because I'm all spikey, but humans will be okay because they aren't spikey like me.

58 - Gilbert: School Amour[]

Back to school for kids of Geo.
They all didn't want to go back, but when my master talked to them they decided to go back.
What did master say to them? It must be magic.

59 - Gilbert: Resume for Love[]

Can anyone re-fleshify Gilbert?
Gilbert got to travel to a lot of places because he was a stone statue and was sold to those many places.
Hey, I think he saved a lot on travel expenses.

60 - Professor Bomb's Lab[]

Search for Prof. Bomb's golem.
There was a big chase to catch a pile of junk that ran away from a professor.
How could a pile of junk run away on its own?
I don't think I get it.
Master, you need a rest.

61 - Watts Drops the Hammer[]

Search for Watts's lost hammer!
Watts lost his hammer, but my master found it for him.
Doesn't it feel good to do good things?
It would be nice if master could read me a story once in a while.

62 - The Seven Wisdoms[]

Help Bud meet the six Wisdoms.
The little boy got to find six of the Seven Wisdoms.
There are only six Wisdoms?
Did they pick that name because it sounds good?
Maybe they can't do math.

63 - The Field Trip[]

Find reagents at the fortress.
Picking up stuff from the ground, mixing them and making 'em go boom!
Isn't that a little bit childish?
Didn't your mommy tell you not to do things like that?

64 - Catchin' Lilipeas[]

In search of the Lilipeas.
I wonder how the Lilipeas sing songs about peas?
I'm a teeny-beany pea!
I'm an itsy-bitsy pea!
This could be a never-ending song.

65 - Gilbert: Love is Blind[]

Elle and Gilbert run away.
My master went to the sea and tried sinking a ship by singing.
The ship didn't sink, but if they really believed that the ship would sink that way, I'd need to make them see a doctor.

66 - The Wimpy Thugling[]

Another friend in my master's life.
Found Kima and fought it and beat it.
More fights and victories for my master to tell me about.

67 - Pee-Wee Birdie[]

What kind of bird is Yuka?
There are too many things and people not involved in my life out there.
That doesn't sound like a good thing at all.
It's okay with me, but is everybody okay with it?

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