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The Burning Sands (called the Desert of Scorching Heat in the fan translation) is a field region in Trials of Mana. The desert comprises nearly all of the southeastern continent not occupied by Laurent, and is home to many aggressive species. The capital, Sirhtan, is a bustling center of trade, while a settlement in the oasis of Diin provides respite for weary travelers. The fortress of Nevarl lies in the eastern expanse.

Though the area is well-known for its arid climate, its other hallmarks are the rivers of shifting sand that flow throughout and hence make crossing the dunes a daunting task.



2D Version[]

2020 Remake[]

Chapter III[]

Treasures & Items[]

2020 Remake[]

Treasure Location Availability Notes
Gold Item Seed (1) On a green patch behind palm trees very close to Sirhtan. Chapter III -
Weapon [C2] (1) In a grotto behind a sand waterfall not too far from Sirhtan. Chapter III -
Cup of Wishes (1) Below a palm tree next to a grotto housing an Eggatrice nest south of the sand waterfall. Chapter III -
1100 lucre On an elevated ground west of the sand waterfall. Chapter III -
Chocolate (2) On an elevated ground reached by jumping on a springstepper. Chapter III -
Cup of Wishes (1) In a large dead end relatively close to the Fiery Gorge. Chapter III -
Honey Elixir (1) On a side path close to the Fiery Gorge, between two palm trees. Chapter III -

Li'l Cactus[]

  • in the large sand pit of the northern expanse, among desert shrubbery.
  • On a narrow path southwest of Nevarl and northwest from Diin; take the passage northwest of Diin and use the springstepper to reach a forked path. He's on a cliff where the fork merges.
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