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This article is a comprehensive list of bugs and glitches appearing in every versions of Trials of Mana.

2D Version[]

Werewolf Kevin Bug[]

3D Version[]

Steam Demo Exploit[]

Stat-Boosting Items Exploit[]

By consuming a stat-boosting item (cookie, incense, elixir, etc.) while using another stat-boosting item before the timer runs out, the experience and money bonuses can be granted at the end of battles as long as there is a timer going on uninterrupted.

Quantum State (Item Seed + Autosave Method)[]

Angela's Early Labyrinth of Ice Access[]

This glitch can only be perfomed in the Demo version of the game.

Angela can get an early access to the Labyrinth of Ice during her introduction. Upon being teleported to Frostbite Fields, the player should get itself killed by an enemy of trigger the fainting cutscene to get transported to Alrant. She then need to get out of the village and go all the way back to the Labyrinth of Ice's entrance which will now be opened. Upon entering, the game will softlock but autosave in the labyrinth.

The player could technically transfer its demo save file into the main version of the game and continue exploring the entrance of the labyrinth. If prompted to interact with the Mana Stone, a textbox will show this :

No reaction because Faerie isn't with you... 

Boss Won't Die[]

On rare occasions during boss battles, players can deplete all of the boss' HP and still having to fight. Said boss will do all its usual attack patterns while having zero HP but none of them will seem to hurt the player characters. This bug seems to happen when a boss is executing an attack at the same time its HP reach zero.

Mirage Palace Illumination Glitch[]

Players can sometime get one of the six illusion locations they visit have a brighter background palette than ordinary. This effect is purely cosmetic and goes away when the player leaves one of the said locations.

Postgame Loki Fight Bug[]

During the fight against Loki as a golden knight enemy in the post game of Duran's quest for his class 4 item, Loki can freeze when preparing a class strike while being out of bound. Players can take advantage of this glitch by relentlessly attacking Loki while he remains motionless during a good portion of the battle.

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