The Brooch of Love (愛のブローチ Ai no burōchi) is an Artifact from Legend of Mana. Bequeathed to a mage who promised to acknowledge and understand all the vagaries of the world, the Brooch of Love imposes the heavy responsibility of overcoming any ordeal that love presents to its wearer. This fact in turn causes the Brooch of Love to serve as a powerful symbol of the passionate, yet antithetically toxic, love that intertwines Irwin and Matilda. When set on the world map, the Brooch of Love will transform into the carcass of Lucemia.


Artifact LocationEdit

Primary Location
Quest Method
Heaven's Gate Speak to Matilda to receive the artifact.
Secondary Location(s)
Quest Method
- -

Artifact InformationEdit

Artifact Transforms Into LoM Artefact Encyclopaedia Icon Encyclopaedia Description
LoM AF Brooch of Love Sprite
Brooch of Love
This was given to a mage who promised to acknowledge all and understand all. Whoever wears this brooch is charged with overcoming any ordeal through love.


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