Here is a list of Bows that are found in Secret of Mana:

Name Attack Special Location
Chobin's Bow 3 Dwarf Elder
Short Bow 8 Defeat Wall Face
Long Bow 14 Good against animals/beasts Defeat Jaberwocky
Great Bow 20 Confuses enemies Defeat Boreal Face
Bow of Hope 27 Good against evil/undead Northtown Ruins
Elfin Bow 35 +1 Intelligence/+1 Wisdom Defeat Gorgon Bull
Wing Bow 43 Confuses enemies Defeat Kettle Kin
Doom Bow 52 Higher critical hit ratio Defeat Snow Dragon
Garuda Buster 54 The Ultimate Bow Rare drop from Metal Crabs


With the mediocre attack power, it falls in the same range as the whip and other ranged weapons' damage output. Some players prefer to provide the mediocre attack power weapons to Primm & Popoi, while other players prefer to offset their lower attack stats with slightly stronger weapons to provide additional supporting damage and defensive responses to aggressive enemies.


  • All the bows, except the last one (for some reason), has "Bow" in their name.
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