Here is a list of Boomerangs that appear in Secret of Mana:

Name Attack Special Location
Boomerang 2 Popoi
Chakram 6 Good against slimes/lizards Defeat Spiky Tiger
Lode Boomerang 12 Tangles enemies Defeat Spring Beak
Rising Sun 17 Defeat Frost Gigas
Red Cleaver 24 Strong against insects Defeat Vampire
Cobra Shuttle 30 Poisons enemies Defeat Blue Spike
Frizbar 38 Good against slimes/lizards Underground City
Shuriken 47 Higher critical hit ratio Defeat Blue Dragon
Ninja's Trump 53 The Ultimate Boomerang Rare drop from Master Ninja


The Boomerang has the same attack power as the Whip, Gloves, and Javelin. It is also an acceptable long-ranged weapon, but the usefulness of it is up to the player. Many of the charge attacks associated with this weapon provide close range attacks in addition to the thrown portion of the attack, allowing for users to have a clearing defensive maneuver to deal with aggressive melee enemies.

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