Bomb Bros. R&D is a shop in Children of Mana. Run by the Bomb Brothers, it deals in the selling, buying and fusing of gems.


  • Crystal of Strength, 750 Lucre, ATK+4, Size: 1x1
  • Steal Hook, 1000 Lucre, Enables theft of items from monsters with a flick of the flail, Size: 1x1
  • Sonic Wave, 3000 Lucre, Causes the third sword slash to unleash a shock wave, Size: 2x1
  • Multiple Swings, 3000 Lucre, Enables up to 3 consecutive swings with the flail, Size: 2x1
  • Triple Shot, 8000 Lucre, Each bow attack fires arrows in three directions, Size: 2x1
  • Mighty Defense, 1000 Lucre, Raises the maximum number of parries to 10, Size: 1x2
  • String Resonance, 1000 Lucre, Extends range of bow's music, Size: 1x2
  • Crystal of Lore, 750 Lucre, INT+4, Size: 1x1
  • Salamander's spells reach level 2, 5000 Lucre, Size: 2x1
  • Undine's Favor, 5000 Lucre, Undine's spells reach level 2, Size: 2x1
  • Gnome's Favor, 4000 Lucre, Gnome's spells reach level 2, size: 2x1
  • Jinn's Favor, 4000 Lucre, Jinn's spells reach level 2, Size: 2x1
  • Dryad's Favor, 5000 Lucre, Dryad's spells reach level 2, Size: 1x2
  • Luna's Favor, 5000 Lucre, Luna's spells reach level 2, Size: 1x2
  • Wisp's Favor, 4000 Lucre, Wisp's spells reach level 2, Size: 1x2
  • Shade's Favor, 4000 Lucre, Shade's spells reach level 2, Size: 1x2
  • Crystal of Defense, 750 Lucre, DEF+4, Size: 1x1
  • Crystal of Thought, 750 Lucre, MND+4, Size: 1x1
  • Herbal Miracle, 2000 Lucre, The effects of pep root apply to all party members, Size: 1x1
  • Stardust Miracle, 1000 Lucre, The effects of stardust herb apply to all party members, Size: 1x1
  • Lore of Healers, 6000 Lucre, Doubles effects of HP recovery items, Size: 2x1
  • Lore of Mages, 6000 Lucre, Doubles effects of MP recovery items, Size: 1x2
  • Lore of Angels, 12000 Lucre, Restores to full HP anyone you revive with an angel's grail, Size: 1x2
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