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For the first part of the boss fight, see Full Metal Haggar (Sword of Mana).

Boison Vine is a boss fight straight after Full Metal Haggar.


Enemy Stats
HP Icon SDOM.png Power Icon SDOM.png Defense Icon SDOM.png Agility Icon SDOM.png Intellect Icon SDOM.png Mind Icon SDOM.png Experience Icon SDOM.png Lucre icon.png
484 46 47 27 44 33 75 120

Weapon Effectiveness
Sword SDOM.gif Staff SDOM.gif Knuckles SDOM.gif Flail SDOM.gif Sickle SDOM.gif Bow SDOM.gif Lance SDOM.gif Axe SDOM.gif Morning Star SDOM.gif

Elemental Effectiveness
Wisp SDOM.gif Shade SDOM.gif Luna SDOM.gif Salamander SDOM.gif Undine SDOM.gif Dryad SDOM.gif Jinn SDOM.gif Gnome SDOM.gif
🞪 🞪

Attack Effectiveness
A circle (◯) means that the enemy is normally affected by that attack
A triangle (△) means that the enemy is strong against that attack
A bullseye (◎) means that the enemy is weak against that attack
A cross (🞪) means that the enemy is immune against that attack


Boison Vine is much more of a challenge for you than his first form was. For Boison Vine, it spits out various gases at you that can cause a whole bunch of Status Ailments to you, so your best bet is to avoid them. It also throws out Blue Seeds at you and a little vine also whips out to cause pathetic damage to you. To take this thing down, first target its stomach like area that opens up and shows you a yellow part to it.

Hit this and once the inside is hollowed out, head to the top platform by jumping up and switch over to the Knuckles and Salamander or Luna, your call and attack it non stop. Though, if you have not been training the Spirits, they may not be of much help to you, especially if you are not a Class that deals in Magic. If not, then use your Sword to whack the Blue Seeds back at Boison Vine to deal some damage to it. Just avoid its gases and hit the Blue Seeds back at it and eventually it will die.


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