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For the similar location in Sword of Mana, see Cascade Cottage.

Bogard's Cabin is a dwelling in Final Fantasy Adventure as well as its remake Adventures of Mana As the name suggests, it is a small, one-floor cottage located north and west of Topple, next to the great waterfall and the lake it flows into. The former Gemma Knight Bogard lives here as a woodcutter.


With their last breath, Hasim and Will each tell Sumo to visit Bogard to learn of the deepening mana crisis, for he may know a way to restore peace unto the world. Hasim was escorting Fuji when he was struck down, leaving Sumo to finish the mission even as the latter has yet to understand the girl's importance and how he is to become involved. The girl pleads with Sumo to take her to Bogard in Hasim's stead, which he does.

At first, the former knight behaves as a recluse; he wants nothing to do with the boy. Sumo persists, however, and gives Bogard time to recognize Fuji's pendant as one he saw while traveling with a woman in his younger years. He then advises the pair to travel eastward to a small cave; and from there, they should make for Wendel to discover more about Fuji's purpose.

Treasures & Items[]

  • Mattocks (7) -- In the second room in the back.