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Black Masks is a side quest in Sword of Mana.

  • Location: Menos Village
  • Quest Availability: First Arrival in Menos - Before Entering Dime Tower
  • Item Get: Black Mask
  • Reward Get: Dudbears Gold
  • OPTIONAL: 500 Lucre, 800 Lucre, 1000 Lucre, or Dudbears Gold (x3)

Go to Menos. In the Inn, speak with Toma (the man standing in the upper-right corner on the first floor) three times. He will recount how, long ago, he stole the Black Mask - the Dudbears' treasure. Now that he is sick, he wants to make up for his crime. He will ask you to take the mask back to the Dudbears'. Tell him yes and you will receive the Black Mask.

Go to the Abandoned Mine. If you are playing as Heroine, you did not have to go there. If you need to know how to get there, take the west exit out of Wendel then generally make your way northeast. Read the signs if you get lost. Anyway, after you enter the Mine, head left and jump down. Exit through the passage on the left. Inside, you will find a room full of Dudbears. Speak to all of them until one tells you "Give us back the black mask" in "Dudbearese." Cough it up and you will receive a Dudbears' Gold!

Return to the Menos Inn and speak to Toma once more. He will tell you that he was miraculously cured. QUEST CLEAR!

OPTIONAL! Instead of giving the Black Mask to the Dudbears, you can give it to Denton instead. Go to Wendel. In the General Store, speak to Denton, the man in the upper-left corner. He will be excited that you have a Black Mask, and offers you 500 Lucre for it. Tell him no, and he will offer 800 Lucre. Again, tell him no, and he will offer 1000 Lucre. Tell him no one more time, and this time he will offer 3 Dudbears Gold. Accept his offer. If you decline, he will not offer you anything else.

WARNING! Giving the Black Mask to Denton will make you fail the Quest, and Lil Cactus will not write a diary entry about it! Do this only if you do not care about having a complete diary!

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