Biting Lizard has two variants: Biting Lizard and Snap Dragon.

Biting Lizard[edit | edit source]

Biting Lizard

Statistics[edit | edit source]

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Good news and bad news all around. Good: this battle is much easier than the Spiky Tiger before it. Bad: it is full of little annoyances. In the first encounter, there is only one; but the party should be ready for anything when the Tonpole evolves. This creature swallows anything that its tongue can reach, so when it swallows a party member, stick it with a weapon to make it regurgitate him/her. When low on HP, it will use Cure Water to heal itself. Smack it until it falls, and get the Glove Orb for winning.

The later three-on-three battle can range from walk-in-the-park easy to very frustrating. A well-leveled (Level 3) Salamando should be enough to tackle each on its own. For an easier time, give Randi a Flame Saber and let the mages blast away after that. For an even easier time, set the AI to attack the same target so that all three do not hatch out of their earliest stage. Recover whoever needs it, because there's another fight coming up.

Snap Dragon[edit | edit source]

Snap Dragon

Statistics[edit | edit source]

  • HP: 1215
  • MP: 6
  • EXP: 19200
  • GP: 12480
  • Weapon Orb: Javelin
  • Weakness: Salamando
  • Location: Tree Palace

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Make sure your magic is at level 6-7, and all weapons have been upgraded. Character levels should be somewhere around 50 or above.

Snapdragon resembles Biting Lizard, only this time he's green. But...don't underestimate him. When and if he swallows you, expect to take 400+ damage when he spits you back out. He also has level 5 Cure Water, too. Bad news for him, though, he's still weak against fire, so have Popoi bust out those level 7 fire spells and he will be toast before long (literally). Purim needs to heal any damage from tongue attacks with level 7 Cure Water.

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