Wiki of Mana

Bishop (ビショップ, Bishoppu?), known as High Cleric, is a recurring class in the Mana series.

Seiken Densetsu 3[]

Charlotte Bishop Sprite.gif Though the horrors of the world might lead some to abandon their faith, others find the light within them burns all the fiercer. At this pinnacle of devotion, the practitioner of holy magic can end the foul ailments that assail her allies in a flash, hamper magical assaults hurled at her, or even infuse her allies weapons with the power of light to beat back the darkness. Woe betide the unfortunate undead that cross her path, as her faith is such that a mere glance is enough to end their miserable existence forever.

  • Fan translated Name: Bishop
  • Name: High Cleric

Trials of Mana[]

See High Cleric (Trials of Mana)

Sword of Mana[]

Requirements: Sage Type 25 + Magician Type 10

  • Bishop
  • HealingLight +20
  • LiMoFiWaWoWiEa MagDef +10
  • Light MagAtk +20
  • 8 Light Spirits hit

Heroes of Mana[]

Arm #25 Holy Manifer (禁呪のこて)
Power +30, Speed -10
A manifer blessed by a bishop.