Beuca Island (called Volcanic Island Bucca in the fan translation) is a field region in Trials of Mana.


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Chapter IIEdit

With the disappearance of the Ghost Ship, the heroes are knocked unconscious and float to this remote island in the western sea. They awaken to the rumble of a volcano about to erupt and must find a means of getting off the island before catastrophe strikes. Heading to the northeast, they happen upon Tomato Town, a village of friendly tomatomen in the potential path of the volcano. Once there. the elder of the tribe tells them to find the "ruler of the seas" in a cavern to the west.

The entrance to Seaside Cavern has been completely blocked off by volcanic activity, but Gnome is able to clear the way. As they venture deeper, they encounter a strange sea creature with a flag on his back. Malocchio attempts to corner the heroes as the volcano explodes; but the creature, Vuscav, rushes them to safety of his own will, ending the chapter.

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Enemies Edit

2D Version Edit

2020 Remake Edit

Chapter II Edit

Treasures and ItemsEdit

2020 Remake Edit

General note : all treasures and items found in this dungeon are missable since this location is only visitable once.

Treasure Location Availability Notes
Cup of Wishes (1) At the extreme south of the beach. Chapter II -
Chocolate (1) Atop a flat hill next to the beach, reached by folowing a path through the jungle. Chapter II -
Cup of Wishes (1) On a peninsula below a palm tree southeast on the map. Chapter II -
Honey Elixir (1) In a dead-end next to a fence along the path to seaside cavern. Chapter II -

Li'l Cactus Edit

No sightings

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