The Beryl Armlet (Tohsei Armband in fan translation; lit. Fighting Saint's Armband) is one of 12 ultimate accessories found in Trials of Mana. It is the ultimate accessory for Kevin should he take the ultimate paths of the Light branch, the Warrior Monk and the Godhand. Localized as Beryl Armlet in Heroes of Mana, which is Beryl Chocker.


The Beryl Armlet is a worn, warped, and melted yet still wearable metal bangle inlaid with a long prism cut of emerald in its crest. At its face, the metal band in the middle is melted away to the rims parallel, while the emerald is diagonally bent downwards left, while its back is consistently whole. Faint traces of gold are in the dark silver metal, implying that the armlet was once gold plated and saw countless battles under its owners.


The ultimate accessory of the Warrior Monk and the Godhand. A bangle armband inlaid with a mystical emerald, that is said to allow its user to attain the strength and wisdom of monks former who wore this accessory. However, though there be many that can wear it, the armband itself chooses only those who deserve to wear it.

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