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Battles Results show up on a pop-up menu appearing at the end of each battle in the 2020 remake of Trials of Mana.


There are many bonuses that can be triggered upon defeating enemies. Bonuses usually require to take down enemies within a predetermined time limit, using a class strike in a final blow or having accessories equipped.

Experience Bonuses[]

Defeat Enemies Within Time Limit
Defeated within 30 sec. EXP +1%
Defeated within 20 sec. EXP +2 or 3%
Defeated within 10 sec. EXP +5%
Defeat Enemies With Certain Moves
Defeated opponent with a class strike EXP +1 or 2%
Attacked with elemental weakness. EXP +?%
Other Requirements
Defeated without taking damage EXP +10%
Li'l Cactus Boost EXP x3
Curious Cookie EXP +10%
(lasts about 10 minutes)
Miracle Cookie EXP +15%
(lasts about 10 minutes)
Mythic Cookie EXP +20%
(lasts about 10 minutes)
Rabite Adornment EXP +?%
(After each battle up to level 10)

Lucre Bonuses[]

us Items
Ample Incense Lucre +10%
(lasts about 10 minutes)
Rich Incense Lucre +15%
(lasts about 10 minutes)
Opulent Incense Lucre +20%
(lasts about 10 minutes)
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