Here is the list of Axes that appear in Secret of Mana.

Name Attack Special Location
Watt's Axe 4 Watts's
Lode Axe 11 Good against plants/fish Defeat Fire Gigas
Stout Axe 16 +1 Constitution Moogle Village
Battle Axe 23 Good against plants/fish Fire Palace
Golden Axe 29 Good against insects Imperial Castle
Were-Buster 38 Good against animals/beasts Light Palace
Great Axe 46 Good against plants/fish Defeat Dragon Worm
Gigas Axe 54 +5 Strength Rare drop from Fiend Head
Doom Axe 56 The Ultimate Axe Rare drop from Fiend Head


Since the axe has the same attack power as the spear, Randi may use it to the best of its ability too. Purim may also make use of it since she does not have much attack magic as Popoi does. Getting the ultimate axe can be quite difficult though, since it means you hace to defeat twice as many Fiend Heads just to get two Axe orbs.


  • The Sword and Axe are the only weapons in Secret of Mana that do not inflict enemies with a status condition.
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