Ankheg is the only boss in Sword of Mana where your partner is Watts, the Blacksmith. He is one of the three bosses that are unique to the Hero, the other two being Jackal and Medusa.


  • HP: 300
  • Power: 26
  • Intelligence: 25
  • Defense: 12
  • Mind: 14
  • Agility: 15
  • Experience: 35


Basically, use your Sword or Sickle here, since the Bow and Flail do 0 to him. Also, if you wish, use Wisp or Undine on him, as they do fairly good damage, but again, only if you have been leveling them up or are a Class that has rather good Magic Skills. Either way, all you have to do is not get near him when he has a portal like thing around him and do not touch the orange slime he leaves when he moves around the room and you will be golden. Just slash at his body as he passes you and watch how fast he falls. Heal if you need it, but if you have been Leveling Up, this should be a breeze.

Also, a sword charge attack lined up to pass through multiple segments can deal massive damage; it's likely to kill it in one attack.

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