"I'm Angela, princess of Altena."
—3D selection

Angela (アンジェラ, Anjera) is one of the six main characters of Trials of Mana.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Angela as depicted in the character selection menu

Angela is a young woman with long lilac hair and green eyes, described as the image of her mother the True Queen. However, she also has tapered ears, not unlike those of elves. In her default Magician class, Angela's outfit consists of a red leotard with a wrap-around garment at the waist that forms a cape, along with a purple hair ornament, choker, gloves, and boots.

In the remake, her clothing is trimmed with gold accents, her boots have long oriental points more defined high heels, and these along with her cuffs and choker are adorned with gemstones. She also sports a pair of jewel earrings In both versions, she wields wands and staves as weapons.

As she learns to switch classes in the remake, Angela's attire will change according to the path she takes. Her Light classes give her more coverage overall, emphasizing dresses and fuller capes, while her Dark classes veer toward full bikinis and expose more of her body as they progress upward.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Owing to a lack of support from her mother, Angela has developed a rebellious air. She was known to play pranks on the Queen's courtiers, for which she was scolded frequently. She often views others as below her and has a quick temper, demonstrated when events do not go her way. Her stubbornness has caused some friction between her and the court mage José, as she has skipped his lessons at times.

Her portrayal in the remake is that of a spoiled princess, when in reality she struggles with her lack of ability as well as rejection by the Queen. In the English script, she speaks in a dialect typical of Southern California.

Story[edit | edit source]

"Wendel, huh? I don't know what awaits me there, but it's better than getting caught in my own kingdom. I'll go. It can't be worse than here. If I learn how to handle my magic, maybe my mother will welcome me back... There's a chance, at least."

Angela is the only princess of the ice-covered Altena, Kingdom of Magicians. Her mother, Valda, the True Queen, uses her magic to keep the Altenish citadel in a perpetual spring. However, like her country, Valda is cold and unfeeling towards her daughter, who has become lonely and selfish as a result of her upbringing. The fact that Angela is the only person in Altena who cannot use magic does not improve her disposition. As the world's mana starts to fade, the Queen's spell weakens, and winter begins to return to Altena. In order for her spell to continue and prevent Altena from freezing over, Valda, following the advice of the Crimson Wizard, decides to invade other nations and claim their Mana Stones. Once done, she would make use of a cursed ancient spell intended to unlock the power of Mana kept in the Stones, opening the way to the infinite power found in the Sword of Mana, letting her spell continue. Unfortunately, the spell for unlocking the power of the Mana Stones requires the user to sacrifice a life when it is cast; Valda decides to sacrifice her own daughter to power the spell.

When Angela learns of this, she unwittingly uses her latent magical powers to teleport out of Altena and into the Frostbite Fields. She soon succumbs to the cold and collapses, but citizens from the nearby town of Alrant find her and nurse her back to health. After receiving counsel from a wandering fortune-teller, Angela decides to travel to the Holy City Wendel and ask the Priest of Light for guidance.

Angela shares many story elements with Duran, who lives in Valsena, one of the many kingdoms Altena tries to invade. If either of them is chosen as the main hero in Trials of Mana, the main villain will be the Dragon Lord and the final dungeon will be Dragonsmaw.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Angela is a somewhat stereotypical "mage" character, having weak physical abilities but access to a variety of powerful magic. Though Angela cannot use magic at first, she begins to learn moves with the help of the Mana Spirits that join the heroes on their quest. Changing classes allows her to use more powerful moves; Angela's Light and Dark classes primarily allow her to use more powerful Light and Dark magic, respectively. Her Light classes have a larger focus in causing large amounts of damage to multiple enemies while her dark classes focus more on focusing damage on one target.

Classes[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of Angela's classes. The first class change takes place at Level 18, while the second one takes place at Level 38, with the latter requiring specific items acquired from ??? Seeds.

Level Light Dark
Lv. 1 ToM-Angela (Magician).png
Lv. 18 ToM-Angela (Sorceress).png
ToM-Angela (Mysticist).png
Lv. 38 ToM-Angela (Grand Diviner).png
Grand Diviner
(Grand Divina)
(width=80Arcana Book)
ToM-Angela (Archmage).png
(Book of Secrets.gifEsotera Book)
ToM-Angela (Rune Seer).png
Rune Seer
(Rune Master)
(Book of Rune.gifRune Book)
ToM-Angela (Magus).png
(Forbidden Book.gifOmen Book)
Post-Game (remake only)
ToM-Angela (Class 4 Light).png
Mystic Queen
Sage Sphere TOM.pngSage Sphere
ToM-Angela (Class 4 Dark).png
Sage Sphere TOM.pngSage Sphere

Sorceress[edit | edit source]

Angela Sorceress Sprite.gif

The Sorceress is the path both expected of the Magician and respected by all who know the rigors of the arcane, and not without good reason. Having tempered a lust for power with reason and focus, the Sorceress calls down incredible destruction on her foes- blizzards, firestorms, lightning and rock slides all serve as warning to those who would waylay her. While her skill with dark magic wanes, the power of light beckons, offering a powerful ray of scorching light that reduces unholy foes to ash.

Mysticist (Delver)[edit | edit source]

Angela Delvar Sprite.gif

Rather than an interest and focus on the path of methodology, proper rites, and traditionally proven workings of magic to utilize it as it is, the Mysticist has instead directed their focus on seeking the ways of achieving greater magical power itself to bend all phenomena to their whim. However, such a path veers nearest the temptation of achieving power at any cost and the will to even undergo the ways of the dark arts.

Grand Diviner (Grand Divina)[edit | edit source]

Angela Grand Divina Sprite.gif

Those who are afraid of the darkness have never seen what the powers of light can do when roused. Some practitioners of war magic feel that some holy force has called them to learn such terrible things, that the wicked would remain afraid and hesitate to wage open war. Having all but abandoned the dark arts, the Grand Diviner does not so much fight evil as she reduces it to very small bits, spreading her magics to envelop enemies in a cornucopia of elemental pain.

Archmage[edit | edit source]

Angela Arch Mage Sprite.gif

The path taken by those whose practice of magic is for the sake of the practice of magic. Redundant as it may sound, this pragmatic, life-long study of what magic is and is not allows the Archmage to have an understanding of the elementals that is free from both holier-than-thou or megalomaniac mentalities. Her skills with magic go beyond mere recitation of moves, having developed an almost first-name basis relationship with the four prime elementals Salamander, Gnome, Undine, and Jinn. This bond is such that she can call on them directly to wreak havoc on those who would interrupt her study with banditry and other such unsavory diversions, meaning that most Archmages are left well enough alone.

Rune Seer (Rune Master)[edit | edit source]

Angela Rune Master Sprite.gif

Considered the true embodiment of the dark arts of magic, the Rune Seer has achieved their mastery through reinforcing their quest for ultimate magic power through controlling such might through the ways of harnessing by incantation and binding such forces upon call through evocation. Utilizing the power of knowledge, the Rune Seer has vigorously studied long lost languages of mystical influence and magical power believed to tie deeply into the fabric of creation itself, and through their influence, summons terrifyingly great forces of nature upon their recital. As such, the might of Rune Seers call upon moves of such order and chaos that though their magic brings about unmatched spell power, their aftermath is dangerously unpredictable to their intended recipients.

Magus[edit | edit source]

Angela Magus Sprite.gif

Considered to have strayed far from the path of contemporary magehood, the Magus has reached the echelons of attaining what can be called the ultimate level of magical power. Delving deeper into study than any typical practitioner of magic, the Magus has rediscovered lost and ancient methodologies to apply that excel anything the current world sees in use; however, whether they know it or not, such methods tapped into discovered at their era were decided to be forgotten: considered with potential of great danger and abuse, these ways were then cast down as taboo, and were abandoned for the sake of such forbidden practices to never ravage the world again. Now in command of these forsaken powers, heaven and earth trembles in the face of such magic that indiscriminately destroys and decimates all who stand in the way of its caster.

Class Strikes[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of skill attacks Angela learns across her different classes:

Level Light Dark
Lv. 1 Double Slash
Lv. 18 Love Typhoon
Pummel Star
Lv. 38 Boomerang Spiral
(Grand Diviner)
Dancing Wand
Ton Shatter
(Rune Seer)
Post-Game (remake only) Blessed Pledge
(Mystic Queen)
Ton Annihilation

Moves[edit | edit source]

As a spell-caster, Angela is capable of learning a plethora of moves, which are all of the offensive variety. Depending on her final class, Angela will also learn an ultimate spell unique to that class as well.

Below is a table of moves Angela learns across her different classes:

Level Light Dark
Lv. 1 Air Blast.gifCyclone
Evil Gate.gifEvil Gate
Diamond Missile.gifDiamond Shards
Holy Ball.gifHoly Bolt
Ice Smash.gifIce Smash
Lv. 18 Earthquake Icon.gifEarthquake
Mega Splash.gifSpike Freeze
Saint Beam.gifLucent Beam
Dark Force.gifDark Force
Lv. 38 Double Spell.gifDoppelganger
(Grand Diviner)
Rainbow Dust.gifGlitter Dust
Stun Wind.gifStun Gust
Cold Breeze.gifCold Blaze
Blaze Wall.gifBlaze Wall
Stone Cloud.gifStone Cloud
Death Spell.gifAnnihilate
(Rune Seer)
Earthquake Icon.gifEarthquake
Mega Splash.gifSpike Freeze
Ancient Icon.gifAncient Curse
  • Note 1: Angela is able to target one/all enemies with all moves learnt during her Magician class after obtaining the corresponding mana spirit.
  • Note 2: Angela will learn how to multi-target 'light' upper-level moves (such as Earthquake and Explode) when she changes class into either a Grand Diviner or an Archmage.
  • Note 3: If Angela changes class to a Rune Seer, her Dark Force spell will be upgraded to target all enemies. The Magus does not learn to multi-target Dark Force.
  • Note 4: Neither the Rune Seer nor Magus can multi-target the upper-level moves they learn in the four classical elements.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Angela comes to wield wands and staves that are enchanted to help augment and strengthen her magic and mind. As Angela progresses in terms of classes, Sorceress weapons are made in mind to help discipline and draw out its wielder's inner power in balance with its own enchantments, while Mysticists come to bear staves rooted in construction from occult and even forbidden rituals to bestow its user with unparalleled magic power.

Name Cost Location Class
Wooden Cane.gifWand 22 Starting Weapon --
Staff (SD3).gifStaff 75 Astoria, Wendel, Maia --
Witch Staff.gifSorcerer Rod 180 Dwarf Village, Valsena --
Oak Cane.gifTwisted Rod 220 Beiser, Palo, Jad --
Pewter Rod.gifPewter Staff 378 Ghost Ship, Palo --
Ruby Cane.gifRuby Cane 738 Tomato Town --
Crystal Rod.gifCrystal Staff 1100 Alrant, Sultan, Deen --
Soul Rod.gifSoul Staff 2400 Mintos --
Varsh Staff.gifScepter 2650 Mintos Sorceress
Cunning Staff.gifCunning Staff 2795 Mintos Mysticist
Ash Cane.gifAsh Cane 2650 Diorre --
Will Staff.gifWill Staff 2900 Diorre Sorceress
Tot's Cane.gifTot's Cane 3155 Diorre Mysticist
Rajin's Cane.gifRajin's Cane 3480 Altena, Deen, Mintos --
Mythril Rod.gifMythril Rod 3830 Altena, Deen, Mintos Sorceress
Skull Rod.gifSkull Rod 4000 Altena, Deen, Mintos Mysticist
Memyl Rod.gifMemyl Rod 6950 Cats --
Druid Cane.gifDruid Cane 7015 Cats --
Revelation Cane.gifRevelation Cane 7200 Cats Mysticist
Nebula Staff.gifNebula Staff 14335 Cats --
Branch of Yggdrasil.gifYggdrasil Rod 16400 Cats Sorceress
Ancient Rod.gifAncient Rod 17335 Cats Mysticist
Mizunara Cane.gifOak Cane 22000 Pedan --
Eternal Rod.gifEternal Wand 33470 Pedan Sorceress
Celnunnos Cane.gifCelnunnos Cane 31375 Pedan Mysticist
Ceryeceon.gifCeryeceon -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Sorceress/Mysticist
Ganvantein.gifGanvantein -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Grand Diviner
Spirit Cane.gifSpirit Cane -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Archmage
Rune Staff.gifRune Staff -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Rune Seer
Dragon Rod.gifDragon Rod -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Magus

Armor[edit | edit source]

Name Cost Location Class
Cotton Robe.gifCotton Robe 16 Starting Armor --
Silk Robe.gifSilk Robe 50 Wendel, Maia --
Witch's Robe.gifWitch Robe 95 Dwarf Village, Valsena --
Queen Bee Dress.gifBee Gown 184 Beiser, Palo --
Bat Coat.gifBat Coat 230 Ghost Ship, Palo --
Tiger Bikini.gifTiger Two-Piece 234 Tomato Town, Valsena --
Rose Leotard.gifFlower Suit 600 Alrant, Sultan, Deen, Mintos, Diorre --
Bunnydress.gifLapin Dress 1000 Mintos --
Owl Coat.gifOwl Coat 1970 Diorre --
Zephyr Robe.gifZephyr Robe 2150 Altena, Deen, Mintos --
Mananan Robe.gifMananan Robe 3160 Cats --
Sunrise Dress.gifDawn Dress 3830 Cats Sorceress
Dusk Dress.gifDusk Dress 3440 Cats Mysticist
Pure White Robe.gifSnowy Robe 7495 Pedan Sorceress
Darkness Robe.gifDarkness Robe 7015 Pedan Mysticist
Dreamdevil Coat.gifDreamdevil Coat -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Sorceress/Mysticist
Myein Dress.gifMyein Dress -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Grand Diviner
Eremos Coat.gifRadical Coat -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Archmage
Rune Coat.gifRune Coat -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Rune Seer
Ancient Robe.gifAncient Robe -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Magus

Helmets[edit | edit source]

Name Cost Location Class
Circlet.gifCirclet 42 Maia --
Witch Hood.gifSorcerer Hood 184 Jadd --
Emerald Tiara.gifChryscirclet 820 Deen --
Panther Hood.gifPanther Hood 990 Diorre --
Silver Circlet.gifSilver Circlet 2300 Cats --
White Snow Veil.gifSnowy Veil 2795 Cats --
Mist Veil.gifMisty Veil 3630 Pedan Sorceress/Mysticist
Moonstone Tiara.gifMoonstone Tiara -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Sorceress/Mysticist
Myein Crown.gifMyein Crown -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Grand Diviner
Eremos Crown.gifEremos Crown -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Archmage
Rune Veil.gifRune Veil -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Rune Seer
Ancient Tiara.gifAncient Tiara -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Magus

Accessories[edit | edit source]

Name Cost Location Class
Jewel Ring.gifJewel Ring 70 Valsena --
Crystal Ring.gifCrystal Ring 154 Jad --
Mist Pendant.gifMist Pendant 645 Deen --
Protect Ring.gifProtect Ring 860 Deen, Mintos --
Snow Crystal.gifSnow Crystal 2000 Cats Sorceress
Fireblaze.gifFireblaze 2150 Cats Mysticist
Sage Stone.gifSage Stone -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Sorceress/Mysticist
Blizzard Hairpin.gifIce Wind Hairpin -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Grand Diviner/Archmage
Magma Hairpin.gifFirestone Hairpin -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Rune Seer/Magus

Other appearances[edit | edit source]

Circle of Mana[edit | edit source]

Rank Image Classes Quote
SUR SUR 0005.jpg SUR 0006.jpg SUR 0007.jpg SUR 0008.jpg Magician
Rune Master
SUR SUR 0641.jpg SUR 0642.jpg SUR 0643.jpg SUR 0644.jpg Magician
Grand Divina
SUR SUR 0797.jpg SUR 0798.jpg SUR 0799.jpg SUR 0800.jpg Magician
Grand Divina
SUR SUR 0801.jpg SUR 0802.jpg SUR 0803.jpg SUR 0804.jpg Magician
Rune Master
SUR SUR 0829.jpg SUR 0830.jpg SUR 0831.jpg SUR 0832.jpg Magician
Rune Master
SUR SUR 0921.jpg SUR 0922.jpg SUR 0923.jpg SUR 0924.jpg Magician
Grand Divina
SUR SUR 1025.jpg SUR 1026.jpg SUR 1027.jpg SUR 1028.jpg Magician
Grand Divina
SUR SUR 1037.jpg SUR 1038.jpg SUR 1039.jpg SUR 1040.jpg Magician
Grand Divina
SSUR SSUR 0069.jpg SSUR 0070.jpg SSUR 0071.jpg SSUR 0072.jpg Magician
Grand Divina
SSUR SSUR 0085.jpg SSUR 0086.jpg SSUR 0087.jpg SSUR 0088.jpg Magician
Rune Master
SSUR SSUR 0133.jpg SSUR 0134.jpg SSUR 0135.jpg SSUR 0136.jpg Magician
Grand Divina
SSUR SSUR 0301.jpg SSUR 0302.jpg SSUR 0303.jpg SSUR 0304.jpg Magician
Grand Divina
SSUR SSUR 0389.jpg SSUR 0390.jpg SSUR 0391.jpg SSUR 0392.jpg Magician
Rune Master
SSUR SSUR 0525.jpg SSUR 0526.jpg SSUR 0527.jpg SSUR 0528.jpg Magician
Rune Master
SSUR SSUR 0657.jpg SSUR 0658.jpg SSUR 0659.jpg SSUR 0660.jpg Magician
Grand Divina
SSUR SSUR 0677.jpg SSUR 0678.jpg SSUR 0679.jpg SSUR 0680.jpg Magician
Rune Master
SSUR SSUR 0917.jpg SSUR 0918.jpg SSUR 0919.jpg SSUR 0920.jpg Magician
Rune Master
LGR LGR 0005.jpg LGR 0006.jpg LGR 0007.jpg LGR 0008.jpg Magician
Rune Master
LGR LGR 0037.jpg LGR 0038.jpg LGR 0039.jpg LGR 0040.jpg Magician
Grand Divina
LGR LGR 0057.jpg LGR 0058.jpg LGR 0059.jpg LGR 0060.jpg Magician
Grand Divina
LGR LGR 0109.jpg LGR 0110.jpg LGR 0111.jpg LGR 0112.jpg Magician
Rune Master
LGR LGR 0237.jpg LGR 0238.jpg LGR 0239.jpg LGR 0240.jpg Magician
Rune Master
LGR LGR 0377.jpg LGR 0378.jpg LGR 0379.jpg LGR 0380.jpg Magician
Rune Master
LGR LGR 0393.jpg LGR 0394.jpg LGR 0395.jpg LGR 0396.jpg Magician
Grand Divina
LGR LGR 0425.jpg LGR 0426.jpg LGR 0427.jpg LGR 0428.jpg Magician
Grand Divina
LGR LGR 0449.jpg LGR 0450.jpg LGR 0451.jpg LGR 0452.jpg Magician
Grand Divina
LGR LGR 0501.jpg LGR 0502.jpg LGR 0503.jpg LGR 0504.jpg Magician
Grand Divina
LGR LGR 0513.jpg LGR 0514.jpg LGR 0515.jpg LGR 0516.jpg Magician
Rune Master
LGR LGR 0517.jpg LGR 0518.jpg LGR 0519.jpg LGR 0520.jpg Magician
Rune Master
LGR LGR 0537.jpg LGR 0538.jpg LGR 0539.jpg LGR 0540.jpg Magician
Rune Master
SLGR SLGR 0013.jpg SLGR 0014.jpg SLGR 0015.jpg SLGR 0016.jpg Magician
Grand Divina
SLGR SLGR 0033.jpg SLGR 0034.jpg SLGR 0035.jpg SLGR 0036.jpg Magician
Rune Master
SLGR SLGR 0069.jpg SLGR 0070.jpg SLGR 0071.jpg SLGR 0072.jpg Magician
Grand Divina
SLGR SLGR 0077.jpg SLGR 0078.jpg SLGR 0079.jpg SLGR 0080.jpg Magician
Rune Master
SLGR SLGR 0081.jpg SLGR 0082.jpg SLGR 0083.jpg SLGR 0084.jpg Magician
Rune Master
SLGR SLGR 0097.jpg SLGR 0098.jpg SLGR 0099.jpg SLGR 0100.jpg Magician
Grand Divina
SLGR SLGR 0101.jpg SLGR 0102.jpg SLGR 0103.jpg SLGR 0104.jpg Magician
Grand Divina

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