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Alma is a character in Heroes of Mana and a non-player character in Trials of Mana. An Amazon of Laurent, Alma feels no need to express her feelings; though under her tough exterior is a deep and thoughtful soul. She has deep feelings for Joster but set those feelings aside when she found out that her best friend, Minerva, had fallen in love with him. She helps Roget, hoping to reclaim her kingdom. By the time of the events in Trials of Mana, she has become a loyal servant of the Laurent royal family.


Heroes of Mana[]

Alma joins Roget's team after an alliance of Pedda and Nevarl conquers Laurent.

Trials of Mana[]

Alma TOM.png

Alma would eventually retire from the Amazons, after her friend Minerva died during the birth of her second child. From then on she was the nanny to Riesz and Elliot. When Nevarl seizes Citadel Laurent, she is among those who survived and started a resistance movement in the outskirts of Heavensway. When the Amazons retake Laurent thanks to the heroes, she stays there for the rest of the game and welcomes the princess and prince home at the end.

As the chamber maid of Citadel Laurent, Alma was privileged to have heard of a relic known as the Kind Sphere, used as part of a rite afforded Laurentian monarchs. She tells Riesz where the sphere may be held as part of her quest to unseal the legendary Class 4.

Other appearances[]

Circle of Mana[]

Alma appeared on several sets of cards.

Rank Image Classes Quote
SUR SUR 0981.jpg SUR 0982.jpg SUR 0983.jpg SUR 0984.jpg Amazon
Star Lancer
SSUR SSUR 0197.jpg SSUR 0198.jpg SSUR 0199.jpg SSUR 0200.jpg 風の地の乳母
LGR LGR 0209.jpg LGR 0210.jpg LGR 0211.jpg LGR 0212.jpg 風の地の乳母


Alma is a feminine given name of Latin origin, meaning "soul".

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