A Package

  • Location: Menos Village
  • Quest Availability: First Arrival in Menos - Before Entering Dime Tower
  • Item Need: Rhinoloupe, Kittypie or Peach Puppy
  • Reward Get: Rhinoloupe (x3)
  • OPTIONAL: Kittypie (x1)

To start this trading sequence, you must have the Rhinoloupe. If you do not have the Rhinoloupe, go back to Menos and talk to one of the old women (Badra) in one of the houses to get it. Go to Devius Manor in Jadd. Go to the second floor and give the Rhinoloupe to PRISCILLA. DO NOT give it to the wrong person. If you give it to Priscilla, you will get a Dogpeach. Give it to the wrong person and you will get a Kittypie (note that this will cause you to fail the Quest). Return to Menos and give Badra the Dogpeach to get 3 Rhinoloupes.

Edit: Proved Solution if you screw up and give it to the wrong person. Not all is lost! You can fix this with simply getting another Rinoloupe.

Here's the easy thing, you can grow one in the Hothouse :D

Long Seed + Big Seed on Mana Holy Day (icon kinda looks like Dryad with a mustache)

I had the seeds in my inventory already!

Found this out this fantastic and crazy detailed guide!

There may be other combinations too, but I wasn't up to digging through the whole thing.

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