The ??? Seed, also known as the Class Changing Seed, is an item found in Trials of Mana.

Functionality[edit | edit source]

This seed is responsible for granting the party a special category of items known as "class items" (e.g. Cursed Bottle for Charlotte's Dark-Dark class, Warlock). These items allow the party to go beyond their second class. There is a catch to this; if the player wants to evolve the party further, the party must also be at Level 38 with the class item in hand. ??? Seeds must be planted at an Inn, and the class items that are received from the planting depends on the characters in the party, e.g., a Charlotte-Kevin-Angela party would give any two of the four bottles, wolf souls, or books, depending on which path was chosen for the first class change. These class items can also be used in battle for secondary effects. However, due to a programming oversight, no item will be issued twice in a row if the player already has class items in inventory; thus, it may be best to defer class changes until all six class items are made available.

Like any of the seeds within Trials of Mana, the ??? Seeds restore 50 HP if they are consumed, for one character only.

Icon Effect Available at Buy Price Sell Price Monster Drops
Class Change Seed.gif Yields class-changing items when planted in the magic pot. Alternatively, heals 50 HP to all allies. X X 50 L Antversary

Basilisk Black Knight Beholder Dark Wizard Ghost Guardian Kid Drakonis Parpoto Peeper Queen Succube Wormwood

3D Version[edit | edit source]

Icon Effect Available at Buy Price Sell Price Monster Drops
3QuestionMarks Seed TOM.png Plant in the magic pot to grow a special item needed to switch classes. Various treasures X ? ?
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