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• 1/18/2019

Consensus needed


It has come to my attention that the naming convention for monsters has changed substantially since the wiki's revival. Some of you appear to be using "nonstandard" names for certain baddies --they're actually LESS likely to be hit by the casual player than by someone with more advanced knowledge of the series.

While it may be well and good that the original name is on display, it can be confusing to have such stark differences between what players see onscreen and what fans like us know. Thus, I believe a discussion as to monster names should start in this thread.

The other two wikis I work usually have the most common name first, followed by the Japanese and any other translated names. This seems to make much more sense than the patchwork way we've been doing it

I also want to be clear that Sword of Mana should not be used as the "definitive" base of the series. there's a lot going on in that game that isn't established canon. The distinction belongs to Adventures of Mana, remade point-for-point from the original Seiken game.

The floor is yours, folks.

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• 1/11/2019

SD3 Class Descriptions

I've noticed many of the classes in Seiken Densetsu 3 have wonderfully written descriptions. Where are these sourced from? Are these official sources translated from Square?

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• 12/22/2018

AoM revamped after two years, gets Super HD upgrade

Adventures of Mana 1.0.8 is available now for iOS and Android. In addition to general fixes on both platforms, the iOS version got a spec bump and has support for the iPhone X family's hi-rez displays.

If you have the game, please tell us about your most recent experience.

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• 8/10/2018

Who illustrated the characters in Legend of Mana?

Hi all, can anyone tell me who illustrated the characters in Legend of Mana? What is the artist's name?
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• 6/21/2018

Welcome to the Press Box!

I was taking a look at our "Popoi's Notebook" section and cleaned out a couple cobwebs in the process. So, we're going to need some help or ideas as to things we can put there. News on Mana is quite rare, but if you can find it, we'd love to put it up. Tips in this category will be reviewed for accuracy; and of course, you can always leave a message with me and I will review it.
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• 4/30/2018

I need some help with SoM (I'm new)

Ok, so I need some help with my game (Is this the wrong place to be posting this stuff?)
I'm stuck on the Grand Palace, I've done all the magic needed on all the 7 orbs in the place and checked twice over, Yet the boss at the end (Supposedly Snapdragon?) is not showing up and I end up going through the entrance at the front and repeating it over again.
Any help would be appreciated.
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• 3/17/2018

Wiki overhaul

As many no doubt have noticed, this Wiki of Mana is undergoing significant renovation, Over the past week, I and one other editor have been working to make improvements as we are able.

But for the restructure to work, we're going to need some help. We're not admins yet, and can only do so much with what tools are at our disposal.

That's where YOU, freelance editors, can step in to help. We would like to see more info contributed on existing titles, as well as images from the various remakes and reboots of series titles.

If interested, please register a screen name and flex those fingers! I'm available on this and other Fandom spaces if you wish to contact me.

I've also put up a request to adopt the wiki, so if you're experienced in remodeling, we'd love to hear from you!.
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• 3/8/2018

PocketStation support in Legend of Mana

A hack for USA versión of the game.
Ring Ring Land ~ Hack of Legend of Mana (PocketStation)
Ring Ring Land ~ Hack of Legend of Mana (PocketStation) YouTube
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• 2/12/2018

Secret of Mana Release Trailer

For those who have been living under a rock, here is the trailer for the upcoming remake!
Secret of Mana - Announcement Trailer | PS4, PS VITA
Secret of Mana - Announcement Trailer | PS4, PS VITA YouTube
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• 2/12/2018


Who is excited for the Secret of Mana Remake? Just a few more days to wait!
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